Friday, April 11, 2008

The last entry Omoi will read before getting home.

Finally, Omoi will be home on Monday! Yesterday was ok. Sky was fine, Limbus was fine, Salvage I blew a donkey. orz I just didn't have my head in the game, couldn't concentrate for some reason. I even died at one point without reraise. I just felt like a total retard. I can't wait for Omoi to get back so I can get back to punching things like a proper man. No drops either, and we just didn't move very quickly through the run at all for some reason. I like playing WHM a lot but I obviously still have a lot to learn to improve my style and concentration. It didn't help that it was like 500 degrees at home and I was melting. :(

I am working on a new project today, so I am not going to focus on the blog too much because there isn't a ton of stuff to talk about right now. But when the project is done I will show everyone here first, and I hope you like it! It's definitely not as esoteric as the damage discussion days, so no worries there. I know it is something that Omoi and Ailee will both like a lot (even if they think it makes me into a HUGE dork!).

I think today is a good list day! Lists are awesome because I don't really have to come up with a theme for the post and can just do random things that pop into my head.

  • Glacian got Koga Tekko on Wednesday, which puts him at 5/5 on all of the eastern jobs (and I think he is also 6/6 on SAM).
  • Hiryo is cool, and pretty much hilarious. I think I did an ass-kissing session for Ninjafox and Izman so far, I think Hiryo is next.
  • Kallo, it's not so much the fact that Versus is just rehashing your experience of other LS's. It's that your TH is SO BAD that the response to it is universal. And man... getting out pulled by a PLD. /shame
  • When Omoi gets back we can get back to normal in Salvage, and I think Hiryo will be quite pleased with that. Also, I get to finish off SCH so that I can finally sub it for WHM. I think I am going to put some time into level BLM again tonight too.
  • I really want to start my BRD.
Ok, thats it, the last two posts were pretty lengthy, I think that I have the right to let this one suck and keep working on my project.


kallo landis said...

I hope you burn in a fire. >_>

And he was not out pulling me...there was another LS farming Waters -- and Izman just happened to be where the Pots were spawning. 9.9

Iz said...

Totally out pulled you man

Bgalvin said...

It would have made more sense to post this under yesterdays entry but then I would of had to scroll down all the way to click on the comments for that entry.

Anyway I've put alot of thought in the past into different point systems for Dynamis. I kept most of this to myself because frankly the point system our shell had at the time heavily favored the LS veterans (me), so who was I to rock the boat.

Getting to the point. No matter how I looked at it. Balancing veterans with masses of points against new members who are looking for that first sweet taste of AF is nearly impossible.

So then I thought what if you just make the system strictly mathematical. While it would be nice to have a human element to the equation, like bidding in Obsidian's case, that just leaves the system open to abuse or manipulation.

One requirement to this system is that your LS has a detailed history of drop rates for all zones, so for a LS just starting it would be impossible to implement unless a sample of another LS's drop rates was used as a base. But I would discourage that, which I'll explain in a bit.

Basically what you do is you let the game determine the point value of pieces of AF for your LS, not it's players based on their emotions or perceived value of AF. Just because PLD A thinks PLD Body is worth 100 points (which it is if you're counting sexiness from 0-100) doesn't mean PLD B who has been around much longer should be forced to pay any more than the real value of 44. Which I'll get to later.

Based on a 2 points received per run rule system which I think is pretty common, pieces of AF are assigned values between 2 and 50.

Every piece of AF starts at 50 points. To determine it's true value though we need to subtract the percentage that the piece of AF drops at from our start value.

We'll use statistics from a Dynamis LS I used to help run as examples. Based on exactly 50 Xarc runs. PLD body had by far one of the worst drop rates of any AF for our LS. It dropped at a whopping 6% rate. So after we subtract the 6 from our starting value we're left with a 44 point value for Valor Body.

On the opposite end of the spectrum if we take BLM Hat at 30% and RDM Hat at 26% we're left with a 20 point value for BLM Hat and 24 point value for RDM Hat. This brings me back to my point that this really only works if your LS has kept stats on your specific drops, because I know both of those hats are incredibly rare for other LSs and would have a much higher value.

Moving on we come to drops that have a drop rate of above 50%. These simply default to 2 points costing the lotting party the two points for attending the run. I think when AF is dropping every other run, if not every run, it basically becomes free lot status. Like the 150% drop rate MNK Feet in Bastok. What can I say we often cleared Bastok, who doesn't? Bastok is such a joke I would often out parse all of our DDs on my PLD/war while being the main /assist. I say all because I count being within 3% of a Mandau THF as a win. Enough of my awesomeness though and back to the system.

Next point is what to do when two lotting parties both have the required number of points to lot on an item. Again we take any human emotion of priority out of the equation and the party with the highest number of points has priority. This is a simple fact that the party with the most points has received less reward for their time spent.

Relating this system back to my own Dynamis experience to complete both NIN and PLD AF sets you'd need the following points.

X body 44
B legs 24
J -------
W feet 2
B head 2
S hands 2
74pts or 37runs

X hands 30
B body 26
J feet 2
W head 38
B --------
S legs 2
98pts or 49runs

Add in 10-15 runs waiting for priority on certain drops and that puts you right around 50 runs per set of AF2. In my 150ish run dynamis experience that is sadly about what anyone should expect.

Now I know it's unlikely anyone will read all of this, but I thought I'd give Ring a little something to read for a change while board at work. It's probably not perfect, and there's something I haven't thought of because I've been writing this for 3 hrs and it's now 5AM. Hmm maybe I should come back to FFXI if I still think about it this much, dum...dum...dum...

Glacian said...

OMG BG wrote a book!!! Wow! And I read it all. LOL.

All I got to say, is it was a lot of work to get 3 full sets of AF2 for my 3 jobs. I'm actually 6/6 for mnk and sam, and considering going for nin belt too. I'm very proud of each set, even if they only have 1-2 good pieces and the rest suck. But hey! I'm weird like that. =P

JESS said...

Naaa u r not wierd cause I am the same way.