Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Need/Want part 2. (I think there was a part 1 a long time ago)

I am at another point where I can look at the things I have and the things I want and I can start doing another want vs. need discussion. Yes, of course there is nothing in this game that is needed, in that there is nothing that you must have to survive the day-to-day life of Vana'diel. But need in the game is more defined by what really is good out there that will really improve yourself and your abilities. The definition of need changes as the location of the word changes. I very much want a pair of Dusk Gloves +1 and a Speed Belt, but I am not in need of them (not yet, anyway, LOL). And then there are needs that have suitable temporary replacements. Then there are those that believe they have needs and are able to fulfill these needs but just do it because other people do it but since their situations are not the same, the result is confusion. I will get to that last example later. So, do you guys even care what I think I "need"? Doubtful, but since I am writing and you reading, there will be no backseat blogging here! Don't make me turn this blog around! Try me! I will do it!

Anyway, my MNK is pretty stacked right now. I could pick up a Smart Grenade, and I could HQ some gear, but the cost starts to get ridiculous after a while. I might try to pick up the abjurations to store them until such time as I can afford the HQ abjurations, but thats still a long way off. I can also look into getting a Sniper's Ring +1 or a Toreador Ring, maybe too, but I like the Ulthalum's Ring and it is especially nice in Salvage. The best thing I could pick up soon is a Forager's Mantle. This is all in exception to Usukane gear, which I need all of for my MNK. I wonder how good full Usukane will be compared to my current set up, but I do know that it will get me to 25% Haste without any substantial sacrifices.

My SAM is lacking a lot more than my MNK. Hagun is good, but I need a Pole Strap to start. Again, Smart Grenade would be a good upgrade, but here I can find a lot more to critique. First, an Ace's Helm would be perfect or an Askar Zucchetto would probably be a nice improvement over my Walahra Turban. Even the Usukane Somen would be a nice step up without much loss in haste. Right now, I am using my PCC for a neck piece, and I am (will be ^.^; once I trade in all of these orgins and buy those chips) using Sea gorgets for WS. If the Justice Torque existed and I could win the lot on it, I would use that for TP and maybe for WS too. I really need my Bushinomimi too, as it will really improve my SAM. It will make my NIN very :( but its something that I have come to accept. I will get to my Haub +1 in the next section. Dusk Gloves and Myochin Kote +1 are serving my purposes very well. I have come to the ultimate conclusion that I am not going to worry about Gigas bracelets for now, not until I can make up the loss in accuracy through other gears first (i.e. through more Usukane gear). It's a lot of STR to give up but missing a WS hurts much more than that missing STR. Forager's Mantle would definitely help, and once I get the Usukane Sune-ate I will use my Cerberus Mantle because I will have so much Enmity anyway it isn't going to matter that much LOL. Speed belt, yadda, yadda. Byakko's and Usukane for legs, got. My feet are gimp so that I can keep my 6-hit build.

Now, for my little commentary on the body pieces. There is this guy, you might have heard of him. Rukenshin, LOL yeah, away so he has an Amanomurakumo which has +20 Accuracy, so he had switched from using a Haubergeon +1 to using a Byrnie +1 because he did not need the accuracy of the Haubergeon +1 and could easily support the Byrnie +1. The problem is that without the +20 accuracy from the Amanomurakumo the Byrnie +1 gives you a rather large accuracy deficit of 17.5 compared to a Haubergeon +1. I have pretty decent gear and I tend to favor accuracy after Haste because missing on SAM is problematic. I just can not fathom losing that much accuracy in almost any situation. And I believe this is where mimicking those that are the most uber is not always the best idea if you can't exactly mimic them. Need should be personalized and not based on perceived notions of what is the best.

Anyway, now that we have finished that discussion, I get to show off. As I mentioned I completed my Usukane Hizayoroi, and got them delivered to me yesterday. Here is the obligatory sig screenshot. And here is the obligatory, Street Fighter 2 melodramatic Ryu pose shot. This angle is actually the best for seeing the detail in the pants because the front is just kind of drab and black. Anyway, I am super happy to have them! ^.^

I will leave you with this Freaky Friday... well maybe Freaky Tuesday picture. Glacian and Akanea in the face-off, show-down, battle-of-wills of the century. Enjoy!


Glacian said...

LOL, you know, if you were to turn off names, you'd never know which was Akanea and which was me. =P

Akanea said...

I think what I like the most about our sexyness is the fact that we even have the same character face, however Glacian's is blonde, and mine isn't :P. In short: We Pwn.

Glacian said...

Yeah, what Akanea said. ^^