Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Angry Blogger.

So, in the last two posts, I made a totally emo post that was pretty much non-committal about taking people back that have done really bad things because they know they shouldn't have done it, and that you shouldn't take douchebags, and I made a post that was incredibly cynical about the last update, when I am generally a positive person about the game and updates and SE in general.

And these two posts have probably gotten more comments than my last week worth of posts (and definitely more comments than the week of math).

So, in an attempt to up my comments and get more hits on my blogs, I am instituting the following new policy:

Fuck the game, fuck the players, fuck SE, and fuck you.

Ok, I can't do that, I am just not that much of a dick. LOL But maybe up the cynicism a bit and tweak the happy-go-lucky humor into something a bit more biting. Or maybe, just maybe, you fuckers could leave more comments without me having to be a dick and just make me a happy and well-loved blogger. Calling my readers "fuckers" probably isn't a great start. I have already fallen into the cycle of cynicism and nasty comments. Eh, who cares? You were going to leave a comment either way, so might as well pile on now. Your ugly too.

Ok, done with that little charade, lets move onto more important things like the fact that my download took SEVEN FUCKING HOURS. Now, I have to admit I was playing Peggle for a large portion of that time and I don't think that SE's downloader likes to be in the background. For some reason if the POL window is not on top it appears to really slow down, but honestly, when I left it on top, I didn't see enough improvement to justify not playing Peggle and reading the worthless whining of Rune Chopper DRK's everywhere. Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick people, it's not the fucking end of the world that you can't Rune Chopper zerg two freaking mobs in the game that you probably shouldn't be able to Rune Chopper zerg. The fact that Bahamut 2 and Vrtra could basically be solo'ed (well obviously not solo'ed but its hyperbole and you should be getting this by now) by any ole' DRK with a Rune Chopper wasn't really that great for game balance. 20k damage in 30 seconds is not good for game balance.

Let me repeat that for the whiners.

20k damage in 30 second is not good for game balance.

It's not a "nerf" you morons, its a "lets not let this fucking ridiculous scenario continue." Still not getting it?

20k damage in 30 second is not good f0r game balance.

The responses to this have been as bad as the fucking whining. First of all, you can still zerg just not with a panache for destroying the penultimate mobs in the game with nary a blink. Second, with a Rune Chopper, you just needed a couple of pieces of Homam to make this work, it wasn't skill or money or whatever people used to justify this absolutely ridiculous amount of damage. Anyone that says that it was hard to make a Rune Chopper zerg build is getting stabbed in face. With REGULAR FREAKING GEAR you could get 27% Haste with a Rune Chopper. For fucks sake I was thinking about leveling DRK to be able to zerg, it was so easy. There were twists and stuff but once you hit 25% haste in gear the rest is just subjob, merits and BRD. Finally, the "Wah, my Apocalypse is worthless now!" people can all go dine on razorblades. Can you get anymore emo? Someone literally said "It literally makes Apocalypse worthless and a waste of coins." All the fucking relics are devastating. They are not "slight" improvements over what people have already. This is what the people without the relics tell you to make themselves feel better about not having relics. Relics are a huge improvement over regular weapons, they all have huge additional effects, huge stat bonuses, and huge additional damage bonuses. They parse better than everything. And I am just going to stab the next person that says without DRK zerging that DRK is worthless. So freaking retarded.

The only semi-legitimate complaint about it was from someone I respect when talking about the game, but even then I find it to not really hold much water, and that is they should have done it sooner. The problem is that phenomena like DRK zerging is a gradual process and it's pretty obvious that they were OK with some zerging like with a Kraken Club, but when any
Tom, Dick or Harry could come along and do it, it ended up diluting the game by a huge portion. This all didn't come on one day, with everyone waking up and saying "LOLZ, lets Rune Chopper shit to death," there was a huge learning curve, and since the players were making this situation, SE was naturally behind. Could they have moved faster on this? Maybe, does that mean it is bad that they did it now or even that there is any kind of moral culpability place on them for limiting it? Hell no.

Other shit we learned yesterday: Potty got to test some but not all of the new SCH stuff. Sublimation looks really cool. Since I didn't even get onto the fucking game until 1AM EST these are only second hand references from Pot over vent so take it with a grain of salt. Essentially, it creates a side pool of mana that isn't even listed under your MP and that gets used first when you cast spells. This pool stays through zoning and even logging out or DCing. The recast time on it is something like 20 seconds so you can always be using it for more MP. The thing I want to know about it is if you are using it and casting at the same time, what doees it replenish? The side pool or the main pool? Not sure how strong it is so far but I am sure we will find out today. Also the Addendums are pretty fucking powerful, and they open up a huge new list of spells for SCH including Dispel, Stoneskin, Blink, Sleep II, Raise II and Reraise II. Didn't get the new time for the Storm spells or what the new SCH spells effect was, but Pot seemed pretty damn happy.

Ok, so where was I? Spent half the day actually doing work at work and the other half yelling at people on BG for whining about the 80% haste cap. Oh, and by the way I CALLED THAT! I said it would have to be really high or it was going to fuck up a lot of people, and I think that 80% is just fine.

Now that I have gone over some of the new stuff, lets go over some of the stuff that I missed from over the weekend. But one final note on the update: It still doesn't give people a good damn reason to go to the past to do anything besides do Campaign. Sure, there are a few new NM's, but none of the gear stands out as "ZOMG, must camp!" and the HNM there doesn't even have any freaking drops. The expansion itself is great with Campaign, don't get me wrong, but man, this update was a thin gruel. It was a bunch of things that needed to be done, and very little new. My guess is that this should have been the actual release of the expansion, and that the next update will start to toss the new things at us, but that doesn't really fix this feeling that I want the Treasures team working on this expansion instead of the suckers that are tossing this crap together. Anyway, on with the show.

Let's get those things of minor importance out of the way first. As I have mentioned, I have been gradually leveling my WHM, which has finally resulted in level 51. I have had a very nice upgrade in gear recently even if my outward appearance doesn't show it. Light Staff, Dark Staff, Serket Ring and my nice new Antivenom Earring. I am actually glad I asked about this because I some how became fixated on the Insomnia Earring, which is strange since I have been constantly extolling the virtues of Resting MP gear. Anyway, it's time to start actually doing my AF quests for WHM now, and since the gear is half decent I will be using that more and more. Not the head though, never the head, the head can blow me. Out of context that last statement is quite ironic. Anyway, I got 51 in Campaign so I couldn't even get a nice screenshot of it for the blog. :( One morning I got up super early because I had a horrible sinus headache so I wondered about and got my Tele-Yhoat scroll. Very weird guy... a little obsessed with converting the savages. o.o;

For Versus we have been pretty busy, we did another Ultima. This one went a little faster to get to 19% but a little more slowly to get to 0%. I don't think that many people died, but it was still taking a bit of time to finish it off. We ended up with a Nashira Turban for Omoi (in classic Omoi-fashion she only lotted on it because no one else did) and Ninjafox got a set of Nashira pants. We have generally been pretty lucky on Nashira pants, at least we are lucky with that even if we can't seem to get a freaking Homam body to drop for Ashhhhh. On a run prior to the Ultima run we were randoming off coins and this was the result: LOL Kinda crazy to get triple tie on high roll.

We had a double Kirin over the weekend, and we finally got another pair of W. legs. The lot was won by Elfie, and the neat thing is that earlier in the day Elfie also won lot on this new toy: That was a lucky day for Elfie but he had been waiting on W. legs for a loooooooong time! He has had the +1 Cursed legs for like over a year. Finally, at some point we tossed in two more Jailer of Fortitudes but of course, they dropped nothing. Still completely torqueless in Sea.

Now it's time for Salvage news! Woot! Ok, so it wasn't the greatest weekend for Versus Salvage... I could let it go, but instead I will make fun of both of the people that screwed up! Mwhahahahaha! Now on LBC runs we take limited mages because we don't need them as much when LBC is nerfed, the problem is that those mages really need to make it through the whole zone for this strategy to work. Heck, making it off the first floor would be awesome! LOL Potpressure accidentally homepointed when after he died from an AoE from the Wamoura. We still ended up killing all ten gears, but with only a RDM healing on LBC with a BRD/WHM and DRG/WHM that had to dodge in and out of range of AoE to keep their wyvern alive, we ended up wiping at 4%. FUCK YOU FUCKING BLOGGER SOFTWARE! I WILL EAT YOUR CHILDREN! *cough* Anyway, on Saturday we had a run where everything was going nice and smooth and we zoned up to the last floor, where I told everyone to rebuff first, I think that Ninjafox may have missed this, and the fact that no one else was around him because he pulled the first Archaic Gear and no one was there to kill it. LOL We did get it down to 10% after the long pull that three fucking Restorals, but after that we killed the rest of the gear no problem and went up to the boss to fight it like normal and we did get it to 23% until a Homing Missile blanket my hate and we couldn't get it back under control. Finally, on Sunday night we got a good run at it, killed all 10 of the gears and took on a fully nerfed LBC with a full complement of healers. But before we could drop it, it of course had to drop me. But drop what we needed it did! Well, at least one piece, hehehe. We needed just about everything really from LBC, even if it was just a first 25 piece, but we finally got an Phobos's Cuirass which Jess won the lot on, and now we just need to get him the 15 for it. And I know he is pretty close to having the gil for it as he has been mining for the ores for a long time now. The Bodb's Crown went to Skurlover so we have another goal in Arrapago now. We did get to farm the second and fourth floor but saw no NM's in the time that we allowed for the NM to pop.

I also got to go on the Saturday run with Rakuen, which is my other Salvage LS. They were just doing a small Bhaflau run farming the second and fourth floor also, but this time we actually saw some NM's and those stupid bee's actually dropped something! That wasn't even the best part, because I got to lot on them! I had to recheck my inventory to make sure that I actually got them, I was so completely ecstatic! So after doing Salvage for 9 months without so much as a 25, I have two completed pieces in less than a week! Or so I thought, because I don't have the 15 Usukane feet, which I actually thought I did have (because I have almost every other 15 piece) but I do have the 25 piece which really matter. So we will do a Zhayolm pick up sometime this week and kill us some frogs. I haven't decided if we are going to do a frog run or a boss run yet, I think I will base it on who shows up. Anyway, back to our run, we only had 6 people but we were still able to kill all of the gears on the fourth floor to pop the Rampart for the Tragopans. We had 2 MNKs, 1 SAM/DNC, 1 THF, 1 BRD and 1 WHM, and there were a couple of gears that were pretty close but we ended up killing them all and into the Rampart we went. I don't know how because with our run earlier in the day we had no NM pops, but on this run we had 3 or 4 Skirmish Pephredo and 1 Peryton before we timed out. It didn't drop though. I fucking hate blogger! It tried to eat my post again! Anyway, Blaize was without his Skadi Body 35 again. :(

On top the lighter fare, I got to do a little Campaign and saw these cute and cuddly defenders of Truth, Justice and the Altana Way! The best part was listening to Omoi call to the Faeries on vent. "Oh look, the Faaaaaaaaaeries! The Faaaaaaaaaaaaaeries! The Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaeries!" Hehehe. Since this very last thing left me baffled, I am going to leave it to baffle you. Ok, this guy has a Speed Belt, a Kraken Club, and a Sniper's Ring +1, and yet has a NQ Haub and a Chivalrous Chain? WTF is with that? This is just a random JP guy that I saw at Campaign. I have no idea why they are wearing the Trump Crown either, but they have it too. Anyway, the point is I am going to go ahead and suspect this guy of being one of those couldn't care less gil-buying JP's, and honestly I have seen more and more of them lately. Sure the JP's play in different times than us but you still see the more famous ones around here and there, but how do random JP's end up with Kraken Clubs and Speed Belts? I sure don't know. Maybe this guy is famous and I just don't know them, but I would suspect that any capable JP would know that having a Speed Belt and a Kraken Club but an NQ Haub and a Chiv. Chain is a might ridiculous. I hate NA gil-buyers, but at least they try to hide it. JP gil-buyers seem to flaunt it, when they know that they are incapable of achieving those results on their own. Of course there are differing moral standards but the nature of gil-buying anywhere is plain bad. Maybe they have a 75 DRK with a Justice Torque and E. Body, and maybe I am completely falsely accusing this person. If that is the case, then I will completely admit I am wrong in this case. But my case about JP's soliciting for people to spawn god's for them and paying them to do it remains. Different cultures, different types of gil-buying, but it all sucks.

Good night and good luck. :)


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