Friday, February 08, 2008

Pass faster and fucking bees.

Grr. 0/5 on Skirmish Pephredo.
No drop at all. I know I shouldn't believe this "they only spawn at night thing" but man, we only seem to get spawns at night. Last nights run was a mess, 6 melee and one mage. /sigh Can't wait for Ninjafox to get back, and Izman too. Those guys are great. Anyway, that run was kinda sucky over all. No Mad Bomber, 0/5 on bees, skipped third floor to try the fourth and the first one warped out on us. Zerged LBC with one mage to 71% but it was futile. We have kinda split out NA and EU runs now, but that has split all of our melee and mages. Something has got to work out soon, or we are staring down incompatible runs. Well, next run is on Tuesday and usually a lot of people go to that.

Fucking bees.

Man, about that night thing. I know that it is not supposed to be true, but the runs where we have gotten a lot of spawns, they have all been at night. Maybe its not true, but if possible I am going to start Bhaflau runs at night or close to night to see if it really does effect something.

Fucking bees.

In other Salvage news Omoi completed her Ares's Gauntlets, pretty sexy I must say. She was pretty pleased to get them done but the lack of Bloodwood Lumber definitely caused some consternation. LOL In the end, they are completed. The last couple of runs we have had a few issues with killing LAC in time. If its not one thing its another. Bad magic cell drops, unlucky pulls, just junk in general. I am probably trying to do too much in too little time. I think my ultimate goal is to get people to know what gear to lot instead of having to be told over and over. If I can do that, and get people to show up consistently then we will be golden. But that is not what the title of this post is about. No, the title of the post is about this: I think there are times when the game is just mocking me. Still no torques either.

In other news, Sam was killed by Genbu and I laughed. That indignity would be too much for me to bare. :) Now, Elfie tends to complain about his luck some times, but honestly, he is one of the luckiest people I know. Juggernaut from Wyrm, lots of luck in BCNM's and KSNM's, and now just after getting his CC to 100, he went 1/6 on Cursed Mitts -1. So now he has these: Somewhere out there you can hear the screams of Cdgreg.

Anyway, now for the strangeness of the day: Yeah, figure that one out for me.

I miss Iz and Ninjafox, man, you don't really realize how much you rely on your friends for everything until they are gone. Iz and Ninja will be back eventually, Ninja probably before Iz, but still, Iz is like my best friend in game outside of Omoi. He, Omoi and I did almost everything together, and just the three of us could do almost anything that we needed. Even worse is that I know that Iz wants to be online and playing but he can't right now, and the worst part is that I know there were tornadoes around where he lives and I haven't heard from him. We probably would have heard something by now if there was a problem, but when Omoi called him she didn't get an answer, but his cell phone was on so thats a good sign. Iz doesn't deserve some of the crap he goes through, he is an amazing guy that takes almost everything in stride. You wish you had friends like Iz.

In a final note, Omoi has done an amazing overhaul on the Versus website. New information, new forums and some new tricks. Versus members or people that want to join Versus should check it out.

Fucking bees.

I am going to try this and see how it works. This is a video that Elfaria made of us doing Hope. See if it works. :)

Sweet it works, more from Elf soon.


Crlmsonking said...

I wanted to maybe suggest something re: salvage.... Firstly about people getting to the point of knowing which cells to lot- (I know we should maybe know this already and I'm awaiting any OMG NOOB comments) but maybe a list could be compiled as to what jobs and what cells are distributed in what order so that we could print it and mark off as we're going or something? Just an idea. When I go with you guys as RDM I nearly always get first magic- but there's still something I don't like about just assuming and lotting as a) I'm not leading the run and b) I might be wrong on my assumption from past experience.
Second- I really don't want the NA runs for salvage to be suffering just because you are trying to accomodate some of us to be able to attend and finish at a reasonable time. I assume it is the Sunday run that is getting less attendance now? (I could be wrong) I know that a few of us can't make it on Sunday after Sky (at least not regular) as a 3am-4am finish and then having to get up at 7:30ish for work is not a good start to the week lol. However, I have looked at our event schedule and propose the following suggestions to help the NA run out: Wednesdays us "EU types" have assault at 1:15EST (6:15pm GMT) but after that we're free- could do a salvage run for NA after that but to finish at a good time? If people could be on and starting at 5 or 6EST that would mean a 1am finish latest for us. And/or we currently do an "EU" run on Saturday at 12EST- we could always do another run on the same day later on for the NA group ^^ Just need to make sure to get the permit on Friday night I think? Sorry for the wall of text, but I don't think I would have been able to fit it into a /tell anyway lol and if you see this today maybe something can be worked out for this week? Basically I'm putting some suggestions forward as you have been so accomodating to us in regards to runs and times- I don't want the NA members to now become isolated, and if these times/days are good then everyone wins? ^^ Anyway, let me know what you think :)

Ringthree said...

First, I was just whinging, so don't worry about it too much. When Ninjafox gets back we will be golden, and he is due back at the end of the week. Second, you have Dynamis on Wednesday with Omoi. :) And I already pull Omoi away too much for that. :) With her needing Wyrm Helm AND coins for Gungnir, I am going to try to not pull her away from it so much.

Crlmsonking said...

I only do Dynamis on Sundays, but yes I forgot that Omoi does the run on Wednesday. I was just trying to help ^^ Two runs on saturday is still a possibility if you wanted to consider it. As I said I just want to help out and not see you guys suffer too with splitting the runs up. :)