Monday, February 25, 2008

Higher Education.

Grrr... I have spent too much time doing actual work today and responding to Kaeko's AV strategy (an interesting idea, but it has several problems in theory and practice) and I have not left myself as much time as I wanted to leave for this post. So lets see what I can get done for today. Just so you know, I was away all weekend so I am going to cover in-game stuff quickly. On Thursday we did another Omega, and we had a few more people so we tested our holding strategy which netted us one Smalt Chip (the easiest zone to do and for us, the most common Gun Pod drop) and a bunch of coins. The drops were feet and hands. The feet went to Eternalpain, pictured below as a BLM. LOL The hands when to Hellz and complete his haste set up on his DRG. :) Also, I managed to get my BLM to 25 in a very good party before I had to leave for the weekend. This clears the way for me to get to at least 51, where I wanted to be and the gear that I wanted to wear.
Sorry about today, but tomorrow, I will have fun, excitement and math! I am going to try to use math to help to explain to myself and you (if you can follow my confusion ramble) how attack and STR relate to damage, how they interact, and possibly how my understanding of what equipment I should be using is flawed! Wee!

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