Monday, October 01, 2007

Busy like a Bumble Bee (a very sick Bumble Bee).

Had to take Thursday and Friday off from work because I will basically dying sick. Like in pain sick, it sucked a lot, but it basically lets me play the game because that really takes no physical effort. So no blog entry for those days but I get a build up on the first day back, so lets get to it. (By the way, I still feel like crap but I had to come back to work someday).

Here is the other problem with massive amounts of screenshots from one weekend, I can't remember the order that I did them in, so I will group them as best I can and hope you can follow. First thing is MNK, which I spent a ton of time working on this weekend. Lets start with the level, I am now 74 which is very nice, but it is one level below the best of the best gear that I can get on MNK. So back to leveling it again tonight, so that I can get 10% Haste as soon as I level. :) I could get 21% Haste with Fuma Sune-ate but I think I am going to stick with Dune Boots which by the way, I got. I went down to the Quicksand Caves with a little help from Tco and killed a couple of rounds of Cactaurs until Sabotendor Bailarina spawned, then I called in the reinforcements and took it down with ease, and thank you to everyone for helping me kill it! Especially Thaz that encouraged me to camp it (Thaz encouragement usually involves the threatening of my manhood LOL) and helping when it did spawn. I got a nice shiny pair of 11 Defense boots, but oh boy did my kicks now hurt a lot more. I want to say that my kicks now in general do more than my punches, I never thought about that really, and I don't know if it is really the case but it does seem like I can get higher kick numbers than punch numbers sometimes.

After getting the Dune Boots, I was moving closer to completing my end-game MNK set up, and the last thing that I didn't have that I would have to get was a pair of Destroyers. Now, Destroyers are supposed to be generally harder to get than some other crit hit weapons. The KSNM I picked to try to get them was Double Dragonian, which I have heard is very hard. First, our strategy was this: ES Sleep the BRD, kill the WAR, kite the BRD until it is dead. Second, misconceptions about this KSNM: Some people think that once one of the dragons is dead the other becomes massively more powerful, this is not the case. The dragons do massively increase their strength, defense, damage, etc, but it is after they two hour, not after the other is dead. Our set up was NIN, WAR, DRG, PLD, RDM, WHM and we won our four runs handily. We let EP build hate on the BRD while it was sleeping while Borin, Hellz and I went to town on the WAR, Omoi and Achi kept us all alive and we broke the record, usually in about 8 minutes. This was surprisingly easy, and I am beginning to think that they KSNM 30's are a lot easier than people make them out to be. ODS with an XP party was so easy that it made me laugh, I am seriously thinking about finally going after my Gondo-Shizunori now, because these fights are a lot easier than people make them out to be. Anyway, we got some decent drops, some Sword Straps and after the fourth run I got my Destroyers! Now it was nice to have the them but first I needed to get Asuran Fists.

Getting Asuran Fists would be a lot easier if I didn't already have the Decimation WS open already. So I dug out my Pick of Trials and headed out with a couple of different people to knock some points of it. Borin, Potpressure, Omoikitte and Pbdomenator helped me out with this at different times, Pb being the cutest one to help. We worked off some points for a while, in the Boyahda Tree and Kuftal Tunnel and pretty quickly I had worked off of all of my Pick of Trial points. Kingscissom, Devious, Elfaria and I then went to kill Yallery Brown after we killed King's Evisceration mob. With Decimation completed I was able to head to Bastok and pick up my Knuckles of Trials, which Omoi and Borin helped me to quickly unlock. I then got to use it for the first time in a nice XP party with Izman and Darya, who is a friend of Omoi's. :) It is a very sexy WS, but Tachi: Gekko still looks cooler. :) I have noticed that the damage varies a lot, and I am going to follow the pattern of some other people and go with as much accuracy as I can find for WS. I am still a bit undecided if I want to use Pahluwan Crackows which has +5 Accuracy or Rasetsu Sune-Ate with +5 Evasion and +5 Attack for WS's, leaning toward the Pahluwan but not completely decided.

After getting Asuran Fists and level 73, Izman and I worked on SC points for my Destroyers for a while in that XP party. With Iz's gear he can build TP incredibly fast even with Great Axe so it was very easy to work the points off, and because out party already had a BLM in it they were able to MB on the Darkness for decent damage on trolls. After that party disbanded Omoi and I went to Kuftal Tunnel to work off the rest of my Skillchain points. Earlier Omoi, Borin and I decided to try to get some more skillchain points before Assaults, but didn't get very far because we started to have some fun with the NM's in the Boyahda Tree. First, we easily trioed Aquarius then we ran around to the Ancient Goobbue and tried to trio that too. It didn't go as well, LOL. Oh well, it is nice to see some NM's that are now up for more than milli-seconds because RMT are always trying to claim them. The last component for my MNK that I got this weekend was my Shura Togi. Lucky for me Ninjafox had an extra Cursed Togi on him, and I got it for a nice deal, thanks again Ninja! I quickly ran to San d'Oria and got it uncursed! That is the story of my MNK, over my long weekend, which was what I spent most of my time on because Versus is on its traditional week off every once in a while. It's weird, during our week off we have gotten more people that want to join Versus than we normally get. Now, we have Assault tonight and then Salvage because I got home too late from going out last night to do it then, but after that I would still like to get MNK to 75.

Now, onto the random NM's that I got during my time away. I should note that I hate camping NM's, and most of these used to be massively overcamped but were all up when someone else told us to come and get them. The first was Serket. It was a relatively easy fight with Nightfall, Elfaria and I and Devious coming in about half way through. It has horrible accuracy for most of the fight, but I thought it got a little bit more accurate toward the end but it might have been nothing. The drops like all of the NM's that I have gotten sucked. Vile Elixer, Reraiser and Triple Dagger, but I did get a sweet title. The next NM we got was Bune, which we lucked into because Elfaria was leveling BST in Gustav Tunnel. Man, this one was incredibly easy, easier than Serket. The funny thing is that King ran out and got aggroed by Bune before anyone else was there so he got to be dead when we pulled it. Again, nothing for the drops, even with TH3, just two Wyvern Wings and Skins. Since we were already in Gustav Tunnel we hunted around for Ungur rather unsuccessfully, but we did run into Dracholox
and since no one needed the O Bow, of course it dropped. It went to Samuraisoldier, so congratulations to him and his future use of it on his RNG!

Finally, is the list of the other random things that I saw and got to do this weekend, the first was seeing a Dark Bugler. At first, I had no idea what this NM was, but then I saw a Dark Esquire (Demon model) running past to the zone to Caedarva Mire and realized that the Dark Rider had to be in the area, but I was never able to see it before it despawned. Next, I want to mention that King and Jess got 75 on WAR and SAM respectively, so congratulations and since King was in my party when he got 75 on WAR here is his screenshot. He is such a blog whore, he will be very pleased to get his own screenshot. In that same party, after asking Sholo to not pull the Lurker at the north Mamool Ja Staging Point camp, he decided to anyway, to mock my weak accuracy. LOL Hey! I was only level 73 at the time! LOL Also at some point this weekend, after a silly mistake on my part when we were trying to get Crlmsonking her BLU AF head piece, the cavalry was called out to take down that Soulflayer and with all of us it was very easy. For Assaults we have been doing a lot of points runs for people to get gear, but we did do the Imperial Code rank 8 mission and it was very easy, I thought it was supposed to be a lot harder. We did it with 4 people but we could have easily done it with three people. The only real fear was the Mijin Gakure from the first NIN but it was actually very weak. More assaults tonight so hopefully people will get some more gear and we can maybe do another new run. Finally, as always is Borin, being funny. Borin wins again.


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