Monday, September 17, 2007

A piece of the action.

Everyone wants their piece of the action. They want to be involved on get on the bandwagon. They want their picture on the blog. They want to be able to Cntl+F to find their name. But what is worthy to get on the blog? Worthy to be put on the blog is someone that would have reminded me today to grab my credit card which I left on my desk causing to me to not be able to get breakfast. I was looking forward to fine biscuits and hash browns, these are the things that fill me until lunch or even dinner. These small moments of joyful bliss provide me with more joy than any amount of typing up the accomplishments of others. Help me, help you. This is hunger rambling at this point. The divine warbling of the famished blogger. How can I type about what has happened, what people have gotten, where we are going and where we have been if I am denied succulent biscuits topped with eggs, cheese and sausage? In the persistent pursuit of perennial participation in the posting of prodigious pictures some fall victim to a loss of focus on the important, the needs, not the wants. Food for my belly.


Anyway, I got some things from this weekend, but I was indeed utter crushed this morning when I wasn't able to get food because I left my god damn credit card at home. Frustration. I had to go out of town this weekend, but I did make some events. My MNK is still not 64 but it is still doing some decent damage with Dragon Kick. This is the hardest part for me, this is the time when you can't get more than a level a day because parties generally can't kill fast enough to get more than 10k an hour, and you now need 20K+ to level. At least at level 65 I will get my last Hand-to-hand merit but then its just forcing my way to 71. The only thing so far that I don't like about MNK is the limitation in gear. Don't get me wrong, MNK has some very good gear available at end-game but there is very little variation in styles. With NIN and WAR and even DRG and SAM there are wide variations in style. My NIN has many different sets of gear depending on the situation, while the only real difference I can see for end-game MNK is whether I am going to use Kirin's Osode or Shura Togi. I suppose there is some variation for solo Counter tanking but outside of the that, its not much. Doesn't mean that I don't want to level my MNK, especially because of our success in Salvage last night. One of the hardest things I have noticed on MNK is getting guard skill ups, I am already level 64 with a good amount of soloing and being powerleveled so that I can get guard skill ups and this was my best skill up session yet: Maybe I need to take more Pecking Flurries to the face. The hardest thing about Guard skill ups is that they check after everything else, including but not limited to counters and shadows. This on top of really low rate of Guard skill ups makes even breaking 100 pretty difficult. I think that once MNK is done, I will spend some time on NIN and MNK trying to skill up Parrying and Guard. I will just have to find mobs that of the same relative level as my skill. Some nice crabs or colibri should help greatly. But who am I kidding, once I have leveled a job to 75 and gotten a few merits on it, its onto another job to 75. Sometimes, I am very good at knowing my own weaknesses.

In a reference to my earlier statement about my different set ups for different jobs, I have finally completed my evasion set up for my NIN to my satisfaction, because last night, after a long time Mother Globe finally dropped the Shiranui and I won the lot. In addition to that I finally got 75 coins for my Boxer's Mantle. These were the last two pieces that I really wanted for my Evasion set up, which I got to test out in Salvage last night. Salvage is going better and better since we changed how we deal with tanks getting cells. This makes things so much easier and more productive, letting us kill more mobs for more cells faster. The problem I am still having is that I am a bit obsessed with getting as many magic cells as possible on the first floor. For the next run on Tuesday night I am going to set a hard limit of 30 minutes on the first floor. We will clear the northwest wing and as much of the northeast wing as we can but once that first attack food runs out, we will be zoning up immediately. The point is that I think we can gradually increase our capabilities as we move up the zone, rather than worrying about what we need before zoning up. Having to rely on the Bhoots on the third floor to get magic eased up a lot of my concerns and also kind of expanded my understanding as we moved up the floors. I feel a lot better about moving up earlier now. Killing the Archaic Chariot last night was miles easier than it was last time. No deaths, and this is were I wanted to mention the greatness of MNK as a tank for Salvage. Normally, we have Borin and I as the tanks for run with Rygar are more of a DD, but last night Rygar was fantastic when we he was needed to tank. In fact, too good maybe, in that after about 50% on the Archaic Chariot I was struggling to keep hate off of Rygar. Now Rygar is a well built MNK to say the least, but if that were balanced we would be doing very well for tanking this. We still have not seen a single piece of 35 gear drop, but with the ability to kill the Archaic Rampart regularly and the increase of runs to twice a week should net us something, at least something in the coming weeks.

In the few spare moments that I had yesterday, I managed to complete the first part of the Rank 10 quest, which involved a bit of Qiqirn searching. This quest was a little more difficult than I anticipated. LOL I am not great at these kind of puzzles. I am going to try to get Rank 10 today maybe, either way it doesn't matter too much. Just need to finish up Lebros Supplies then some Rank 8's then all the Rank 9's and 10's. I am getting close to 13k+ in almost all of the Assault areas and I next to nothing to actual get points instead of clears. At some point, some point soon, we are going to have a bunch of people at Rank 10 and we will be able to just do some of the easier high level ones for more points for Salvage. :) The new Rank 10 assault give you 1500 AP no matter how many people go, so if you get three successful clears you get enough AP to do three Salvage runs. :)

Finally, Iceblazek has been wanting to get on the blog for a long time. He finally got his Assassin Armlets, so here is his chance! TH4 for him! Thats it for today, see you tomorrow.

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