Tuesday, September 25, 2007


You aren't going to get much today until after lunch, I am going to lunch with some friends so I will be leaving a bit early.

Did Assault and Salvage last night. Assault was fine, mostly for points for items for people, and Omoi finally got here Yigit Gomlek Salvage was fine, no drops, and limited healing so we weren't able to kill the Archaic Chariot this time, it was a bit frustrating, but we had a bad bones link on the third floor that delayed us a little bit and had to pull a couple extra skeletons to get some HP cells. The first floor was very efficient, and if we didn't need weapons and HP we would spend even less time there. I still think we kill too many Qutrubs on the first floor, so I think we may skip even more of them in the future, just killing the first room of them and sneaking to the Lamia. Then on the second floor zoning up to a skeleton room to get some HP. We are rather balanced toward melee, when I think we could go with more mages and be better off. Still, with the lack of drops I love Salvage, its just that Arrapago is the hardest zone for drops, but after Arrapago the other drops are very easy to get. I wish I could go to Salvage far more often than 2 times a week, but the other people I go with want it limited (they still need Assault point items so that makes sense), hopefully after they get more of their gear they will be ready to expand Salvage operations. I think aiming to go to Salvage 3 times a week would be what I like to do, but since I can't solo Salvage I kind of have to accept that. LOL And besides during Salvage I get a bit grumpy at times, so sorry Achi and Sholo for being snippy last night. LOL You guys do a great job and it makes everything move very smoothly, and if we had a RDM on that run last night we would have easily done the Chariot and the Astrologer too. The main problem that I have with Salvage is that it is hard for me to find a group of good, consistent people to go, ah well, I will give it some time.

In other news, I managed to not only to get no XP on my MNK, but to actually delevel, twice. It wasn't a good day for my MNK. More after lunch. Well, as I am typing this there is no internet connection, so I can't get directions to lunch so I am still stuck at work typing this up. I have to say that I was rather disappointed in my tanking last night, I sometimes get distracted by everything that is going on during the run especially when you are running it. So, I think from now on, I am just going to have Sholo pull and Omoi worry about lots so that I can focus on doing my job for the run. Everyone else is doing a very good job, so I need to be doing my very best too. I have always had a problem with distraction, I just wish I had a better way to focus. I think I am going to change my filters so that I don't see my damage, that will make it so that less lines are running through my chat log. I don't need to see it anymore, I don't really need to see my e-peen damage. Also, I was having really bad lag issues last night, even in Salvage where things usually run very smoothly, and no one else was experiencing them so it was likely just my connection. So that contributed to me taking more damage than normal on the Chariot which ended up hurting us later in the fight. Yes, I am rambling on and on, because I didn't exactly do much exciting last night and I am mentally focused on two different things, Salvage and getting a Black Belt. And that leads me back to my MNK, which had a rough day yesterday. It is back to 68 for me, but I am only 40 XP to 69, tonight I will probably be able to get to 70 which will be sweet.

There was a new RMT report by SE yesterday, but there isn't much new just that they are going after crafters and hack fishers. It's actually relatively quiet on Odin right now, I think its the quiet before the storm of the new expansion. And since I covered pretty much all of the stuff I want to cover yesterday, I don't have much more for today. See you tomorrow!

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