Monday, September 10, 2007

Blog-worthy; for better or for worse.

Argh, lost this blog entry after working on it for hours, and how I have 43 minutes to redo the whole thing.

It was an awesome post too. It was about what it takes to get on the blog, good and bad. I even made fun of Hellz. >.< ARGH! Ahh, well, let me see what I can get done, then I will finish the rest tomorrow. Ok, first, Sholo, who has made the blog for three separate things today. The first two, are not things to be proud of. :) Supposedly there is this NM in Sly that spawns from the Detectors you can find there. This NM, some call it Steam Cleaner, is kind of hard to pop when you kill the Detectors. It only gets better for us, and worse for Sholo, because apparently someone forgot to inform him that you can't get XP from a mob that has been CFH'd. Now here is where losing your post really sucks because I had a nice, eloquent monologue about how Sholo is awesome but sometimes people make mistakes, and blah, blah, blah, Hellz mockery, blah, blah, blah, and on to his accomplishment for this weekend. Sholo got a X's Knife! This knife is the best knife for Dual Wielding outside of a Mandau. Pared with the Blau Dolch, this combo has gotten Sholo some of his highest WS's on THF. Too bad for Achikasama, as she was quite shocked that this new knife was going to replace the Sirocco Kukri that she spent so much time camping with Sholo. LOL

In general, this weekend had much the same flow as Sholo's ups and downs, laughable downs, and very good highs. Another high that I would like to mention is Rhyis, who I finally saw since he got his Duelist Chapeau after a very long time, and missing several drops just because of bad luck. Congratulations to Rhyis and his new awesome hat, and good bye to all of those points that he spent! LOL

The Versus event this weekend was a Gration run where everyone except for Pb who had to leave early, ended up with a Tatami Shield. The first couple of runs were not fruitful, but after a while it turned around. Izman even made a bunch of extra shields for people so they could spawn and get a Tatami Shield. Sadly, Izman himself had to go out that day so Omoikitte had to bring him out to Tavnazia, and as she said, he was all fuzzy. LOL Well, the Tatami Shields were nice for everyone, and I really hope that people really use them instead of just selling them. On the way out to Gration I saw an excellent night sky shot and I just thought it would be great for the blog.

Only two other really important things to go over in this rushed entry. First is Salvage, which went swimmingly, and I think our balanced set up was definitely part of it. We still didn't get any level 35 drops though, but everyone was impressed with how well the run went and we killed the Archaic Chariot for the first time on a run. I think we are going to focus more on bringing a few more mages for the later floors than worrying about more melee for the first couple of floors. Now if something would just drop we would be doing great. LOL Arrapago is the bane of my existance, once we get one drop we will then shift over to Bhaflau Remnants to fight the boss there, then just fill in the missing pieces with level 15 gear.

Finally, last night dispite Sholo CFHing our XP mobs, I managed to get 62 on MNK, and its now a race to determine if Hellz or I will be the first to 75. I think Hellz is now 73. LOL And sadly for Hellz, he doesn't have a blog for which he can retort, but he wishes that he did. The funny thing is that Hellz's comment was in response to something that I did that was blog worthy in a bad way. Writing a blog has its privileges.

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Hellzfury said...

I believe if you want to insult Iz properly, or quote it right, she said he was very fluffy.

I dont know, he probably give you the warm fuzzies inside >.>