Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Drama? Note late addition, RE: Drama on the internet.

Some people love it, and some people even live it, and I just don't get it. The internet is a tool of the weak. It allows people to say things that they think that they would never say in real life because they are afraid of repercussions. Honestly, its despicable. How people could lie, cheat and steal just for their own enjoyment, ruin the fun of others, tweak up any little chance they get because they revel in the discomfort and upset of others. It makes me sad at times, it really does. And as long as their friends are laughing along with them, it doesn't matter if its right or wrong. Too many people have lost touch with reality and morals, the anonymity of the internet has created the perfect laissez-faire world, not just in economics, but in moral and social bindings. Many good people try to rebind those moorings, but just like a laissez-faire world those that wish not to participate are rewarded rather than punished. Until such time as the greater number punish those that break from those bindings we will be trapped in an internet world were the drama queens will win.

What is the best way to beat a drama queen? Don't particiapte. I just don't understand in such a laissez-faire world where we are all out for ourselves how people could be so interested in other people's business, and how people derive such pleasure in screwing over other people intentionally without any other form of gain.

I do need to remember that I am older than a good 90% of the games population, and this is the way that children tend to act. Still, it saddens me that our society has failed in bringing up several generations of children. Mine included. The worst part is that the more reasonable you are about things that other people consider drama, the more they will despise you for attempt to end their drama. Often times, being right plants you firmly in Camp Unwelcome, because for most drama is more important than everything else, no matter how bad that makes people. The mob rules with an iron fist. Its a sad, immature cycle.

It should be noted that a more innocuous parallel to the drama queen exists, the attention whore. This is a person that demands, with increasing ferocity to be featured for all to see, more specifically in this blog. LOL This person is Iceblazek. And today he is mentioned. :) I believe that right now Bigmak is leveling his WHM for him. He came with us on the very successful Salvage run. And thus the entirety of the rest of this post is dedicated to him. :)

Yesterday was a simple Sky run, good drops from Gods, but we are trying to get a couple Diorites to drop so that on Sunday we can do a good number of Byakko's, but only managed one with parties in Ullikummi's room and in the Celestial Nexus, but we were able to quickly move to get Faust and MG on a crowded sky day. After Sky, Izman, Hellz, Omoi and I did the Antlion ENM again and got some pretty meh drops. I got to keep the Harmonia's Torque because I can use it on my NIN for tanking. Afterward, Izman decided to do a stripe tease. Iz is going to be gone for a couple of days to weeks, and he will be missed by everyone in Versus. Get back as soon as you can Iz. :) So what if I am gay for Izman? SO WHAT? ; ;

Anyway, thats it for today, the rant was a bit draining and I can't really emphasize exactly how much people like that annoy me. They are close to RMT in my level of disgust. Morality is dead. It is a sad world.

Internet debates:
[14:14] ringthreetheicp: The internet needs impartial judging like debate, or at least semi-impartial like in debate. If you are having an internet debate after a certain number of pages an intelligent person from another forum will come in judge the debate declare a winner and the losers have to STFU.
[14:15] mdmoks1: lol
[14:15] mdmoks1: i think it just needs a filter
[14:15] mdmoks1: a stupid filter
[14:15] mdmoks1: im sorry, youre too dumb for the internet
[14:15] ringthreetheicp: That would work too.
[14:16] ringthreetheicp: Congratulations you just made the blog.
[14:16] mdmoks1: please sit extremely close to something radioactive for the next few years, thxbye


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Stop shitting up a good drama thread with "laws"


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