Friday, August 24, 2007

Even I succumb to the anticipation.

Monday should be a very good update. The problem with knowing that there is a very good update coming means that there is little surprise come the day of the update. Like I have said before, the best update ever was the one in which SE fixed Sky and many of the NM's that RMT used to monopolize were given R/E alternative drops. The best part about this was that there was no anticipation of the fix, it was just delivered the day of the update, like manna from heaven. This lack of anticipation actually made the surprise better. Like on Christmas as a child, you have a list you expect Santa Claus to bring, and if he brings your exact list then you are pleased, but a bit of the magic is lost. Where is the splendor in knowing exactly what is coming? It's not like the do surprise nerfs much anymore so we don't have much to fear. I am glad that they have left much open in this update. What are the grips going to be like? What are the changes being made to two-handed weapons? What about the adjusted weaponskills? These are the unanswered questions that I enjoy reading about on update day. I remember the update after the best update ever was also very good, but SE showed their hand a bit too much removing some of the surprise on update day and I was left a bit unfulfilled. And so with great anticipation I await Monday and its sweet fruits, but will they be sweet? Or will I have already tasted the unique fruits with the update notes and thus tasted are no longer unique on the day of delivery?

Ah, well, such is speculation and speculation about anticipation maybe as esoteric as one can get. POL will be down for much of the update day so data mining will not be available, and I will only have the update notes that SE provides to provide solace on that cold and deathly day without FFXI. I will of course pour over them, and then pride you with the best of the best.

Yesterday was a fun day if not a bit unfocused. It is hard to focus for hours on end just farming for Diorite, especially when one half of the LS is clearly more effective at getting Diorite to drop than the other. XD
Three Diorite were collected over several hours of work, all the while earning several merit points for Versus members. We spawned our three Ullikummis and during the wait competed with the other half of the LS for spawns in Ullikummi's room. Accusations flew from both sides about botting claims and RMT associations. LOL All in all, a light day in Sky, with Faust being our only NM claim as the half of the LS that was farming near the Celestial Nexus moved to Ullikummi's room to use their three Diorites. We now have four complete Byakko sets and at some point we will be doing a marathon Byakko day, and hopefully we will at least get one pair of Haidate for members that are waiting on the treasured pants.

After Sky we had a non-split Temenos West run. Relatively simple if not unlucky in that every treasure chest that was opened resulted in a Mystic Avatar. Seems strange that the last floor in Temenos is Fenrir instead of Carbuncle, the double light weather actually makes Fenrir the easiest of the Avatars to defeat. Like I said we got all the Avatars we could get from the treasure chests and Leviathan decided to kill Hellz, and Hellz was left in a quite awkward position. Poor headless Hellz. LOL We got some decent drops from the chests, including a PLD piece for Iz.

Well, thats pretty much until the big update post on Monday. I will make my normal post if the information isn't available in a decent amount of time, then make another post about the update notes if it works out that way. Finally, in closing, its pretty apparent that some people are not as macro dependent as others. And that those people may never clean up their old macros. :)

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hellzfury said...

That is one sexy headless corpse...

and last night...I said that penta would never happen again...without thinking about the 2 handed weapon changes *drool*

...What I trade of... I start classes monday... but the update is then...I don't know if I want it to be monday or not >.<