Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The communication process.

Sorry, this might be a little late today, blogger was down for a while.

Yesterday there was a line to wait to do Kirin. RMT were fighting and taking forever while Versus, LifeandDeathAngels and LimitBreak were waiting to also do Kirin. Since LimitBreak was last in line they just decided to go, and while we were waiting Eraphie and Omoikitte randomed to see who would go first and we won so Eraphie's LS helped with the mini's to get things moving faster and so that we could pretty much straight tank it through the entire fight. We then returned the favor, and helped them kill their mini's. While all this was going on and we were waiting for the RMT to finish up, Eraphie and Frozenx tossed out the idea of joining up for TP burns. Neither of our LS's have the perfect set up for a TP burn but together we have more than enough resources to do so. Omoi didn't say yes or no to the idea but did sound rather excited about the prospect. I think it would be great fun to do. :) Anyway, our Kirin netted a Pole, Raise 3, and a D. Body. Yes, another D. Body. At least it went to someone that actually wanted it. We haven't wasted a D. Body yet, but at this rate we are really going to LOL.

Its nice to be able to work with other LS's like that, lets both of us get things done with much more efficiency.

Outside of Kirin, we did an ENM and only netted a crafting item which I won the lot on. :) Then we did some more fruitless subligar farming. It's getting a bit frustrating that is for sure. >.< Borin and Pb both need them. I am insisting before we go next time that we clear our Fomor hate, because I have heard that it can improve the droprate. At this point I am willing to try anything to finally get those subligar to drop.

SE has announced that the update will be on Monday all day, and we still haven't heard about the job update. The funniest thing I have seen though is the people that have been complaining about the last update. They were actually complaining that the Chocobo Racing update wasn't better or about something different. That is how addicted they have become, they actually are so obsessed that an update about the update isn't about something that they want to hear about. I do have to say that SE has been rather slow about giving us information about this update and about the expansion. In fact, I am guessing that we should be getting an expansion update pretty soon, maybe even the announcement about the first new job.

I think that SE could do a better job of giving us information, but I know they are generally tight-lipped about new information, and only dole it out as they choose.

Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of this blog, I will have some nice recaps for that. :)


wyred said...
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wyred said...

I believe the reason SE doesn't release too much info is to prevent people from preparing to monopolize the economy.

For example, if SE reveals how your chocobo is going to be affected by certain foods before an update, a lot of people will buy off all of that item off the AH and then overprice them after the update.

Just a guess!

And grats on your upcoming anniversary. :)