Monday, July 16, 2007

I need about 8 more hours in a day.

So, after a long weekend with little ability to get anything constructive done on any of my leveling, I am really tired. Real life stuff is so much more tiring than game stuff, LOL. Lets see, I did get my WAR to 72, which is nice because I can now use all of this borrowed Dusk gear and my Suppanomimi. I kind of need to just focus on getting WAR to 75, I think completing it will improve my mood about the whole run, and if Izman ever gets back, I think it will let us dual-tank things like Limbus better. Speaking of which, I am thinking of trying a different job for Salvage too. Ninja is ok, but with our focus on trying to get level 35 gear from Arrapago it is a little dependent on cells to be effective.

Anyway, as for Arrapago, we managed to kill the first Astrologer, skipped the first Treasure Hunter, killed the second Treasure Hunter then tried to get to the Archaic Chariot but ran out of time. We are definitely getting faster at killing the NM's, but no luck yet on drops. Well, we will keep trying and I will keep trying to find a day to do another run, doing it only once a week doesn't seem very good for being able to get gear in a decent amount of time. We did manage to get some random level 15 drops but that really isn't that great for what we are aiming to do. We are getting close to what I am looking for a consistent group, and we are getting to be very efficient at the first floor. I have started cutting out some of the Qutrub's because we are actually getting too many weapons. Right now, we pull the NW quad then pull the first room of the SE quad to get some HP cells, then back to the SW quad and zone up from there. We are getting overly efficient at this and we can start to skip mobs now. The next thing we are going to do to save time is once we have one healer and our BLM's set with a magic cell we are going to zone up, and just try to do the first Astrologer with whatever we have. It's a hit and miss mob to begin with anyway, sometimes it stands and casts and sometimes it just warps out. Since we are going to have to clear the way for the Treasure Hunter on the third floor we will be able to get more cells on that floor. The more that we do this zone the better we are getting at doing it.

Ok, now for the news from the weekend. Now, I said that there was a new trailer for the expansion last week, but it wasn't the official one, and the official one is way better. It is especially interesting because of the Besieged-type battle that appears to start at the very end of the trailer. Besieged-style battles have been mentioned in several different interviews about the expansion, also Assault-style missions, which I hope that they really expand on over what is currently available, which is nice, but its just a short run mission, not like a full-instanced zone like WoW or EQ2 has. Also, they mentioned that there will be more than one new jobs in the expansion which is all that had to say about those new jobs, even when indirectly questioned on the type of jobs that will be available. There will be over 30 new zones, which they said would be about equal to the number of zones in the first release of the game. Some were confused and thought that this meant that the new zones would only be upgrades of old zones, but it was pretty clear that it just meant 30 new zones some of them being "older" versions of the current zones, not all of them.

There were a lot of interviews with SE at E3, but they were all very repetitive, and after the first few, provided very little information. The funniest thing was watching people on one website making fun of the interview of another website. Not only was it just retarded, but it was like they thought they were in high school again, on the cool kids website. Honestly, all of the interviews were about the same providing information, nothing really groundbreaking at all, just little peeks at new information. The pathetic nature of someone that would make fun of another website's interview is really mind numbing. It makes me want to stab my eyes out, really. And the funniest thing is that they end up looking like people from the website they claim to hate. This is all before considering the completely moronic nature of website competition. Apparently, we play this game with 8 year olds.

Anyway, I may go over that guy with the off-hand Martial Axe at some point... its starting to bug me that it is falling behind.

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you should be killing all NM's every run for it to be a successful run!