Monday, July 23, 2007

Fast Going.

So WAR really turned around this weekend, I finally got to 75, and Kira got to 74, but she needs to get one more level on WHM to get it to 37 so that she feels comfortable at 75. Also she needs to quest the Teleport scrolls and do some other things. But what I can tell you is that she is an AWESOME BRD for a burn party, always on time with pulls and songs, hitting that additional cure when needed. It was awesome this weekend, we had two different parties where her abilities just were just stunning. One was an awesome WAR, WAR, WAR, BRD, BRD, RDM party, in which we made a TON of xp at the Greater Colibri camp. The second was NIN, WAR, WAR, WAR, BRD, RDM and we got really good chains in a heavily camped Mamool Ja staging point. Kira managed to pull, buff and cure all while this was going on.

So, WAR is now complete for leveling, but I need to start looking at merits, but even before that I am going to get 8 Hand-to-Hand merits for my MNK. When that is done, I will need to actually level my MNK. LOL I did get level 44 on my MNK in a horribly long party, like 1:30 before we even started to kill things and then it was just mediocre at best. But that is neither here nor there. And a bit off from what I want to handle today.

Lets see, on Thursday I went over why comparative gains can make the idea of "maximizing" gains not as important as some people think. I want to emphasize the fact that the problem I had with the reasoning is that you should choose between difference gear because of the way you are "maximizing." I have found an better example on my WAR that better illustrates the difference between always "maximizing" a certain statistic (haste/weapon delay) is not as beneficial as comparing the benefits and making them work for you, and just because you can't "maximize" everything doesn't mean that you should just give up and go the other way. Now, I use Maneater in my main-hand and a Juggernaut in my off-hand, and I also "maximize" haste by wearing Dusk hands and feet. As I am "maximizing" haste, does this mean that I should give up on my relatively higher delay Juggernaut for a Martial Axe? Of course you would never do that because the gain in delay could not make up for the loss in additional stats from the Juggernaut. This is the same for NIN except that the differences are even more small.

Now, I have to say that equipping a level 75 NIN is actually very hard as there is a wide variety of equipment available to NIN, and much of it is very good. And there is also the consideration of variance in playing style. Honestly, I am not in general opposed to "maximizing" on important statistics, in fact I am very much for it. But there are decisions that just boggle my mind, like AF body over a DD body. Ultimately, I think this is because most people don't think about their gear, but instead, just parrot what they have already heard. In the thread where I was discussing the point of diminishing returns on haste for the difference between two katanas delay in the off-hand, someone actually said that I was wrong and then posted how haste effected weapon delay. Literally they completely ignored everything that I said then made a completely irrelevant comment, one so irrelevant as to cause one to wonder if they could even comprehend that the conversation was completely beyond their grasp. Now, I don't mind at all that people want to participate in these discussions because they encourage better understanding for all. But these parrots actually work to make people more stupid, because instead of making a statement about how they are hoping to interject into the conversation or provide more information, they claim that those that are having a discussion far above their heads are actually wrong and that they are providing the correct information. It happens all the time, the stupid like to muddy the waters of discussion to flex their completely unfounded sense of superiority. Perhaps it appears that I have that sense of superiority, but I often doubt my gear selection and I am always in pursuit of information on how to make myself a better player. And some might say that differing opinions make the discussion irrelevant, and I would say that it would provide better debate if we all brought those opinions together and compared them, creating a new synthesis of understanding. Instead of acting like a pigdick and making idiotic claims. But thats just me. :)

Intelligent debate is what we need, and for that we need intelligent people. People should not be afraid of debate just because stupid people engage in it also.

Anyway, lets have some fun. By this point, Thazienne has received at nice new shiny Maneater that Izman, Omoi and I got for him from an ENM. I hope the tail is curled around it as we speak. For some more fun, this is tell conversation that Omoi had with an JP player yesterday during sky. Now, some LS's may have taken this offer depending on the circumstances, but I think this was just plainly an RMT attempt. They did not offer to supply the gems, they just wanted to pay gil straight up for the Byakko's Haidate. Even NA RMT players don't appear to be this brazen about paying for items. It has to make you wonder, as most NA's prefer to just pay for their gil online and have it delivered discretely, but are JP's just not concerned with how other people very them? Well, Uduki you are like the 5th JP RMT solicitor I have seen in sky so far. And it's too bad for them because it appears that SE has become very good at squashing the RMT there, because although they are still around (as they got a Despot just the other day) they are barely any competition anymore. Maybe, just maybe someone is going around and stabbing their eyes out in my stead. That would make me happy.


Anonymous said...

Why exactly would you want to offhand a martial axe? Just for the lower delay?

Ringthree said...

It was an example of what not to do, because of the lower delay. My point is that you would NOT want to do that.

Anonymous said...

How do you know this person is connected to an RMT? Many people hang out in small social linkshells not capable or interested in killing things like gods, but they have no shortage of money if they're an old player... especially if they have some leftover of old economy gil.

Sorry, just having a hard time seeing why you'd randomly ridicule someone on your blog because of a conversation where the meaning wasn't even clear. Nowhere in the conversation does it even suggest he has any affiliation with RMT, just maybe alot of gil.

Some LS (like my own) just farm Byakko for Kirin popsets and money anymore. Offers from perfectly legitimate players to buy haidate come in all the time, especially because we're NOT gilsellers. It's normal.