Monday, July 30, 2007

Coming up with good titles is hard to do.

A general question about Salvage: Why do the drops suck? I don't mean the cell drops, I mean the level 25 drops. Ah, well. Every time we do Salvage we do better and better and we have gotten way faster at moving through the first two floors, although the drops are ridiculous sometimes. When we need magic we get all weapons and HP and when we need weapons and HP we get magic. LOL Outside of the lack of drops from Salvage it was a great weekend, and after we finish up getting Achikasama and Lilkathy to Sea we are going to start doing Salvage on Saturday and Sunday which should massively improve our drop rate and the quality of the runs we are doing. I have to say that I am rather inconsistent on what I tell people to bring to Salvage so I am going to list them here as a reminder to myself and others on what to bring.

1. Sanction - Regen or Refresh as needed.
2. Reraise item.
3. Food - Now before I didn't think to tell people to bring specific food, but I think I am going to now. For the first 30 minutes of the run for melee, its better to use meat, then after sushi is fine. For mages, I think that max MP up food is better than cookies for the first 30 minutes, or until the get their max MP up cell.
4. Hi-potions and Hi-ethers as always.

Now, on to the other activities for the weekend. Well, we camped Nue again killed it several more times until we finally got this: It was finally nice to have that out of the way even if we did make a good bit of money from just killing the Tigers and Goblins around the spawn point. The gil made led me to a conclusion about farming that I will go over later. Well, it was nice to have my Nue Fang in my inventory finally
and I got it switched over to my Brown Belt pretty promptly. Since we already had a couple of people together camping Nue, we decided to head out and do an ENM, Sheep in Antlion's Clothing. It was pretty easy, and we actually got amazing drops. The Forager's sold really quick and we made a good chunk of change from it, and the Cloud Evoker went to me for Versus to use at a later date.

Saturday was a long CoP day, but we got everyone through the Three Path's missions, except Potpressure who still needs Tenzen's Path and the Bugbear fight but those are easy peasy. We did two Snoll Czar fights, and man they have really dumbed down that fight. Not only do the Shu'Meyo salts only take 1 second to activate, but it seems to only do Berserk, which over tripled my damage. Making my 600 Sidewinders into 2000 Sidewinders and Barrages of 1800+. Borin and I went as RNG and just destroyed this mission. Kind of pathetic actually considering how hard it used to be. I mean I knew that two RNG's would rip it to shreds but this was just ridiculous. We went /SAM to build TP, but honestly we probably could have just run in and fought it straight up and with Berserk up could have beaten it with no trouble at all. Anyway, after the Snoll Czar we took a peek out the exit of the BCNM because we had run back and honestly I have never been here before because we always just D2'ed out of there. Quite a sight to see, I must say. We were going to try to do the Airship fight, but everyone was pretty burnt out from doing the missions all day, so we will probably do them some time this week, or next weekend at the latest. Airship is tough but with the set up we have planned shouldn't really be that difficult. NIN, RNG, BLU, RDM, BLM, WHM. That is a pretty good set up I think, only trouble will be the Mammets, but we will figure something out I am sure. Once past the Mammets, the other two fights will be easy with all the damage we will have, I just hope I can keep hate off of Borin. LOL

The rest of the weekend was Kirin and Salvage, and I already kind of went over Salvage. Kirin was great too, after the initial kiting I got to switch to SAM to have a little fun because we had so many tanks. The drops were very good. Pole, Osode, Shining Cloth and another D. Body. Soon we are going to have to hand out D. Bodies for free. Since we started doing Kirin again we haven't gotten a single Abjuration outside of the D. Body. I know that W. Legs are supposed to be rare but N. Body? It would be nice if something besides D. Body would freaking drop. Well, we are increasing the frequency of our Kirin's just because we have so many extra sets, and I would like to be able to do more than one Kirin in a day, which I think we can do just have to persuade Omoi on that one.

As for my previously mentioned farming, Omoi and I have been ramping it up a little lately. I need more gil for my Cursed Haidate and Cursed Togi, and its just nice to have some gil, so we have been hunting around in Castle Zvahl, and have gotten a couple of NM's but they haven't been dropping much at all. I wanted to come here to get some Demon Skulls and Demon Horns but they don't seem to drop very often at all from the Demons there, so we may have to go elsewhere for better drops. Making money in this game is just getting so hard anymore. LOL


Jkun said...

Retarded question, but we both use blogger, yet your thumbnail images come out super nice and clean whereas blogger just rapes mine, how did you resolve this? Is it a template issue or is you edit html?

Ringthree said...

I think it has to do with resolution the images are imported, as I play in 1920x1200 on a widescreen monitor.