Thursday, July 26, 2007

Things you dont see every day.

Well, pretty much as soon as I got home Ailee sent me a tell looking for a party on her BRD. Found that as a bit of a shock as I thought she would prefer to level her PLD, but she wanted to get some xp on her 73 BRD so that she could move closer to finishing it up. So I grabbed Hellz, and I won the JP random invite lottery. I got a very good and attentive NIN, who was faster at engaging and voking mobs than I am, and I think I am pretty good at that on my NIN; a Black Belt MNK, who just pretty much kicked ass; and a JP WHM that I really did see much of during the whole party. This was that result: That is the highest chain I have ever gotten in this game, and the party was just one long chain. From the first mob to the last (well there were two more after we decided to stop but those don't count) we got something like 40k XP. It was super fun and it kept everyone busy the whole time, even Ailee was happy with the party which was even better. ^.^ Anyway, in this party I started at 26K into my 75 buffer with about 2k into my 8th merit. At the end, as you can see I got my 10th merit. I spent them on 3 levels of Hand-to-Hand and one level of Double Attack for my WAR. Now, I think that I would persue my WAR more if I had any chance at E. Body or a Ridill (or if I actually owned a lot of my WAR gear, LOL) but since those just are not an option with my game play and the LS that I am in, I am going to merit it, but I will focus on making my MNK my next "uber" job like my NIN. Honestly, I don't have many ways to improve my NIN; I could get Salvage gear which I am slowly working on; I could get an Unji to pair with the Perdu Blade that I will be getting soon, but I like my Senj and although this could be sour grapes, I think paired with the Perdu Blade and my understanding of how comparative delay reduction works, I think that Senj is at least equal to if not stronger than the Unji. Outside of that I could tweak some improvements like a Forager's Mantle over my Amemet Mantle +1 or maybe even a Charger Mantle. But these are small tweaks, not game breaking tweaks. For my MNK all I would need is a Black Belt and the requisite pieces, although this is hard to do, its not as hard as trying to get a Ridill or E. Body. Well, anyway, that party was ridiculously good and it was just plain neat to see 10/10 Merits. After I spent these, I actually XPed some more afterward and got another merit. :)

On a complete side note, this should be filed under "I just don't get it." Yes, that is a Ridill, yes, that is an R. Body, yes, those are Armanda Hands, and yes, that is an NQ Amemet Mantle. I mean if you have all the gil and all the gear, why not just get the NQ? It's cheap, it's easy, and not having one is just plain weird. I am generally not a gear snob, but this just doesn't make sense. No LS pearl on, maybe a bought account? Who knows, but with gear that good, I don't think its much to ask.

In reference to yesterday's comment about Byakko's Haidate vs. Shura Haidate, I got some really crappy information from a bunch of people that had no idea why they were correct, and a few decent responses and a direct use of the in-game mathematics to prove one being generally better than the other. As for the people that were right but had no idea why, I have to say this: You are just as bad as being wrong. This goes back to the common act of parroting what you hear other people say, just because you lucked out and happen to be right doesn't mean anything really except that you can repeat what you have heard from other people. You just won the flip of the coin. Making a statement without proof or without knowing why you could be correct just proves that you are ignorant. Opinions are fine, expressing personal preference is always acceptable especially when it is backed up with reasoning, but making "factual" statements without any facts is just vacuous. But the ultimate conclusion from VZX is that Byakko's Haidate is the better choice because in this case the bonus from the secondary modifiers from the 15 DEX is more than the fSTR and secondary modifiers from the 5STR. He provided the exact calculations that I was looking for, and answered very well the question of fSTR vs. secondary modifiers. I also found out something I did not know, which is that, although slightly modified for level, the secondary modifiers actually increase the base damage of the weapon during the WS, which I did not know (I thought that it was just some independent damage input in the calculation). So you ask good questions, you get bad and good answers. Its the ability to glean the wheat from the chaff that provides us with the best information and thus knowledge.

Oh and I made this little pic to respond to a joke in that thread, because apparently You are not just your fucking O's Kote, you are not your fucking O's Kote pants either.

That was fun, and I just got an IM from Achikasama that said that Borin is back! God I miss Borin, talk about a great guy, and his hatred of Omoi is of epic proportions! I really hope that he is back for a while and not just checking in. Also got an IM from Achi saying that Sholo (Exodus/Wargod) got his Sirocco Kukri, which is awesome after the debacle that happened last night with a bunch of us showing up just a bit too late to try to assist Achi and Sholo in killing Kreutzet.

Ahh, well, Sky tonight and Limbus. Aiming to get Achikasama, King, Lilkathy, Crlmsonking and Ashhhhh to Sea this weekend, so maybe, just maybe on Monday they can come to Limbus.


Jkun said...

Congrats! Nice mantle! :D

Hellzfury said...

You totally typoed E. Body into R. Body, way to be a noob Ring. As for the decked out war, was that a chiv chain or a sea torque, since he was using 2 swords.
Also he may have sold his soul and had to whore himself out to get that gear, maybe he actually sold amemet+1 for the E body or armada hands?
And yes, that party was awesome, but we all know that Ember outdamaged all of you.

Thazienne said...

Ember, where??? Grats on the chain! I believe my highest was 88 in C. Mire, but 200+ is epic. And grats on the Osode =D.

Drac said...

Impressive chain.

I'll go with Dockers' slogan for your pic: "Nice pants."