Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bonus Update?

No, not from me, you just get the standard daily update today. But SE gave us a bonus update yesterday. I mean I was expecting the fixes for the broken things and the new Assaults and Assault ranks, but I was not expecting the completion of the Einherjar this quickly. It makes me further believe that we may only in fact have 1 update left before the expansion is released. There may be two, but with the spread of the current updates I don't know where they would fit it in. Then again there is supposed to be another update in July for the SE-approved windowed mode, and there have been other rumblings of issues they want to handle soon, but I don't know why they would have to have two updates for it. Anyway, those are just my thoughts on the issue.

Yesterday, we did two more crappy Byakko's yesterday, I mean really crappy. We haven't seen a Byakko's Haidate in weeks. Its just getting crazy at this point. We have gotten so many random crap drops, not even a D. Legs. In fact, on the last drop we got only E. Feet, yes, only E. Feet, a seal and a wind. This is just crazy. Incomprehensible, really. We have only gotten three Haidate's since SE fixed Ullikummi, with no real problem getting Despot at all. I know this is luck, but damn it, its just frustrating at this point. I mean at some point we will get like 4-5 Byakko's Haidate in a row, but that doesn't make me happy now. Ah, well.

After Sky, the sub-job group (Hellz, Izman, Omoi, and I) managed to get to 37 on our jobs along with March and Takune. Now, I have to switch over to taking BRD seriously because it is no longer a subjob, but I am going to now level WHM to sub for now, and I think that Izman and Omoi have something else they need to level, like Izman needs to level SAM for WAR sub. What I hate about BRD right now is that I look like a super-hero in 1980's tights. I can't wait till I at least get to AF level, but the AF isn't that much more grand. LOL At least I can wear a MP hairpin because of my low Elvaan MP, and I don't have to wear that retarded hat. I have to say, I like BRD, I really do, because its not the mage job that I thought it was. It is more "magish" or "magey" than really mage. I get to run around and buff and be active almost the entire time. I am thinking of adding to my Magic Finale macro, because it is hard to get the target back on the mob for a quick debuff when I am running around. I have developed a nice little pattern for how I do buffs and debuffs, and I can't wait to get Elegy, it is an actual debuff instead of a "sonic damage." LOL Ah, well, I am looking to the future on this with much glee.

Now, the most important part of the update, the Perdu weapons. They appear to all have +5 acc, +10 att as the latent, which is ok, I didn't expect much more from the Blade, but it seems a little weak for the Great Axe for a bonus, but that is made up by the very high base DMG and decent delay. I am still drooling over the Perdu Blade though, such awesomely low delay. I mean the damage is great for such a low delay, and even more interestingly the base AP for the new Assaults is 1440. o.o; This would make Salvage all the more viable, because you would only need to do one or so Assault to get the new lower 1500 point entrance costs for Salvage. That combined with the new chest at the start of Salvage has much improved the fun and chance at doing well in one run. So, I have been thinking about doing Salvage again, but much more focused this time, only doing the easiest route to get the easiest gear to get which also happens to be some of the best gear that is available from Salvage. These routes are all well documented and we can do them relatively easily, I think. I might be putting together another group of people, about 12 or so to do this, but we will have to see and I need to build up a AP before we can do this.

Thats about it for today. I haven't had very many good pictures or ideas for entries as of late, but it happens sometimes, and I have some other pressing things to deal with, maybe tomorrow things will be better.


Hellzfury said...

Iz's pld TH5 was taken away by Byakko because he kept killing off SC partners. In retribution I think he should have to come war/thf to sky and be my darkness SC partner =D

Moe said...

The God's seem to be real pains for everyone as of late.