Friday, June 15, 2007

You have a sexy body... and legs... and feet.

Sky kind of sucked yesterday, RMT managed to clean house before we got together, but we did a Seiryu and Suzaku and got decent drops. A sub-par day in sky but that makes up for the good Sunday that we had, it all balances out really. But this all is just a prelude for the good stuff that happened yesterday. Versus is getting to be pretty darn big right now, Sky is always packed, and we have no problem splitting up and covering a large about of NM's while we are there, but we still have a limited number of people that have Sea access, enough that we can do Limbus and first tier Sea gods with no problem. We beat the first Omega that we tried, but lost to the second, and I thought it was because of numbers, but honestly the real issue was not because we lost with only 12 people (and we got it to 12% with 12 people and just ran out of time) it was the set up we used. Generally, we don't force people to come to events as any job, people can come as what they want, but sometimes we do make people change, and we did that last night to great reward. I would like to thank Pb and Ice for both changing at the last minute to help us out on the run. The first time we won, it was messy like a first run usually is, but we got it done. The second time, when we lost, was because of set-up, not numbers, and honestly I should have known that. Last night we had 15, and it was easy as pie, well, not easy, nothing is easy, but nothing like it was before, and we could have taken it with 12 with the set up we used. Only one person died from an actually hit from Omega (Ibarahs after back to back Colossal Blows) and we only had three total deaths (Linkstrife and Hellz from being in AoE range while resting). The first was way smoother than any we had done before, and I have to say that NIN/DRK or PLD/NIN would be perfect for tanking this because even after a hate reset they can very quickly move up the hate list to balance out the other tank. Souleater, Last Resort and Weapon Bash along with standard hate tools are just fantastic for this, and honestly a full haste set up is much better for tanking than a defense set up for a mob that hits for 500 a pop. Anyway, the fight was clean and we didn't farm for Gunpods, but did get a bunch of coins from one and a THF AF upgrade from another. But more importantly, the drops, oh the drops. Yep, good drops, Legs, Feet and Body! :) The Legs went to Iceblazek, probably the best legs for THF in the game, the Feet went to Hellzfury, again another good piece for the appropriate job, Dragoon in the case, and the Body when to Eternalpain for his BLU, again a great piece for that job and couldn't have gone to a more deserving person. After the fight and the items were sorted, a bunch of us headed to Mhaura to get the items traded in for their Homam pieces. And here is the collective screenshot. Everyone looking quite pleased. As well they should be.

That makes for one Omega with a set of crappy set of head drops, and one Omega with an amazing set of legs, feet and body. We just need hands now to get a full set for the LS, and I can see us doing another Omega run relatively soon and I think we are already working on another set. We do have a full Ultima set also, but I think we want to get Omega down to the point where we know exactly what will happen and how to handle it to make sure before we do an Ultima, but even that should be coming soon enough.

In game related news, there was an announcement from the Special Task Force on RMT. It looks like they are doing a good job even though the RMT are still around messing with everyone and camping Sky mobs, but definitely not as bad as it used to be. I think they are doing a good job and making themselves more accessible to the players, which is never bad.

Oh, one thing I wanted to respond to was a comment by Qtipus on the blog a couple of days about planning after the win on Dynamis runs. I thought Q was a bit over-defensive, it was only a problem on one run, and although the puller did have a bad day, it wasn't the problem to which I was refering. He did present a good defense that if people know what mobs we were going after that they wont show up because certain mobs drop certain items, but that was kind of the point of my post, but I did not say it explicitly. I was interested in switching up the mobs we kill to get to different drops and when we do that we should have a plan of attack. The best way to do that is for the leaders to have the plan and not tell the members. This is not bad, and you can still tell the members after the run starts, because then people can't just leave if they don't like the mobs we are killing. Either way, I still think after after-win planning is important whether open or closed until the run starts. It was a good comment from Q and you can check it out in the comments.


Hellzfury said...

<3 my feet of sexiness. Besides the fact that homam is awesome in terms of stats, it is just plain sexy. One day we'll have a versus army in homam... and everyone will go blind...

iceblazek said...

:D homam omg i just noticed how cute this face is.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D