Friday, May 18, 2007

Simple days.

Sky, Limbus, XP. A simple day. I wish I could have stayed up later to XP longer but I was just exhausted and I leave for vacation on Saturday, so I didn't want to stay up all night anyway. I just wish I had more time to XP, but we have a pretty busy schedule in Versus, and since I am doing Dynamis full time again, I don't seem to have a lot of time for XP. Omoi, Izman and I all got a good amount of XP, already almost 24, and hopefully the next time we XP, we will be able to get away from Qufim and can move down to the Jungles. 13 more, relatively quick levels. And if Glacian comes next time we should be able move even faster.

I just have a few random commentaries about the upcoming update, because it appears to be really good. I can't wait for them to lower the cost of Limbus, I know that it is stretch several of our members thin to make sure they have the money, and with today's economy that is actually a big hit. Limbus is something we should be doing all the time if we want to be doing it, seriously cost should not be a prohibition on an event for an individual. Also, they have announced that they are making CoP missions easier, which I think is pretty cool, and you get XP from doing the events, which is even more cool. This should make it easier on a lot of people that don't have Sea and are more importantly having a hard time getting people to help them. A few other things were mentioned and the English translation of the recent developer interviews provided a bit more insight into some things. Like for Salvage, they mentioned not only that cells will drop more often but also that you will be starting with some cells, and that for Nyzul there will be items you can buy to use in the assault. Specifically for Salvage:

The following adjustments to Salvage are planned for the June version update:
* The drop rate for imbued items will be raised
* Players will now receive several items upon entry to the area.
and for Nyzul Isle:
The following adjustments to Salvage are planned for the June version update:
* The drop rate for imbued items will be raised
* Players will now receive several items upon entry to the area.
The following adjustments are planned for Nyzul Isle:
* Difficulty level will be adjusted in five-floor increments
* Temporary item vendor will be available (tokens can be used to purchase items)
* Record will no longer be erased when reaching the boss, but only after defeating him.
The secret of what type of weapons can be obtained from Nyzul Isle will come to light soon...
Now that last line I find very interesting because those weapons are quite the enigma right now. I am really looking forward to this coming update. :)

I am posting this now, I don't know if I will add anything else today, as the last couple of entries have been really good, but I have to do a lot of things at work to get ready for vacation. Maybe I will post some more tonight, maybe not.


Nivaud said...

I used to read your blog and keep up with your happenings but after your "Gorokai effect" comment you can go fuck yourself.

I left Odin because I wanted to play new and different jobs and I wanted to join an HNMLS but didn't want to be part of the LimitBreak militia. Before you go spouting your mouth off try checking your fucking facts.

Ringthree said...

LOL Dude, you have admitted to this yourself in your own blog. I am not saying anything new or surprising. Sorry, that you are not reading my blog anymore, but seriously, I am not saying anything new or shocking. You said YOURSELF, in YOUR blog that you left Odin because you couldn't get into an HNM because of YOUR reputation. Don't blame me man.

iceblazek said...

wow thats intense..

on the blog though,

ppl need to stop complaining about limbus fees.. the coins are enough to pay for the run and then some.. ppl are just irresponsible.

get over yourselves vanadiel

Ringthree said...

I dont agree about the cost of Limbus, generally events shouldn't be determined by gil, Dynamis is ok, because its spread over a lot of different people, but Limbus is essentially more expensive than doing Dynamis. In this economy, its just a good idea to decrease the cost of doing Limbus.

Ringthree said...

Oh and additionally Gorokai, you said that you quit FFXI for WoW because you couldn't get into another HNM LS because guess what... you burnt your bridges to that other LS.

Don't trying to blame this on me, and don't try to white wash history that you reported in your blog.

Why dont you try reading your own blog before you go spouting your mouth off, and trying checking your fucking blog for your own fucking facts!


Nivaud said...

NO what I said like, almost 2 years ago was that I didn't get into TK and didn't want to be a part of LB's "you must be on 8 hrs/day, 5 days a week" mentality".

When the chance to change servers and get new jobs presented itself WITHOUT SELLING MY CHARACTER, I took the opportunity. I didn't burn all my bridges and then head for greener pastures as you so elegantly put it...

Hellzfury said...

Uh oh... seems like it's that time of the month... if you don't have anything to say besides "F U n00b" then just shut the hell up and go away. Just by your reaction I can SEE why people didn't let you in to things.

That being said, they do need to lower limbus costs cause you shouldn't have to sell your coins to get in... without the coins... theres only homam and nashira, which not everyone can equip or they dont care.

Izman said...

lol who the fuck is this tit bitch crying all over the blog? get the fuck out tit bitch!

Moe said...

um... Now for something completely different;
Thanks for posting that Ring. No one I know knew about those Nyzul adjustments or weapons really. Thanks again and everyone have a nice day >.>

Anonymous said...

gorokai dont be a moron LB or TK wouldnt have accepted you anyway

Anonymous said...

mighty strong words from an anon poster