Friday, May 11, 2007

I didn't know you could get up there.

A very good day in Sky. Not as good as a full run, but you know, those are rare. 6/8 pop items is a good day, though we didn't double up on anything, could have come close on Despot, but the timing was off. In general Versus does not collect gems and pop gods like other LS's. Most other LS's will horde gems for while then use them all at once on one day. I can definitely see the efficiency those kinds of systems, but they usually require point systems, and point systems are generally overly complicated and overwrought. The sole exception I have experienced is the bidding system used by Obsidian, it is efficient and since Dynamis is limited in the times people can attend, prevents lop-sided point accumulation, and allows people to pay the amount of points they believe the item is worth. There are issues with sniping, but outside of the occasional douchebag it works amazingly well. Unless you have a bidding system like Obsidian has on their website, I believe that point systems generally fail, because there are many ways to abuse them. Now that was a bit of a tangent, and wasn't even the locus of my original divergence from the thesis.

Anyway, I was going to say that Versus tends to spawn gods everyday, this means that people will always show up to try to get the rewards, and that people that have lots of points wont just show up on days that gods are spawned relying on the work of those with lower points to just farm for them. Some might say that older members with more points deserve to have newer members with less points farm for them, but I think this does several detrimental things to a linkshell, as newer members will resent older members whether or not their is a points difference, and in general this will cause morale to suffer. Popping gods routinely ensures that people are always at runs, that people interested in what is going on daily, and that rewards are distributed quite often. Even on a day like yesterday, where even though we got a lot of triggers we had limited time to spawn gods and only spawned a Seiryu, people were still just impressed with the amount of spawn items we pulled in in one day. I know that many people don't like Sky because it is repetitive and difficult at times, but they are happy to stare at darters for three hours to risk a chance at a claim once a day when its in their time zone. I have to say that the fight involved in many HNMs is very intriguing but the consistant nature of Sky, Sea, Limbus, Nyzul Isle and Dynamis have much more appeal to my kind of personality. We do what we think is best, and then if we are not satisfied we bash that which we do not do, to make ourselves feel better about our choices. Well, definitely not everyone, but some people do, and that is sad. Ultimately, we would be a lot more happy in this game and in the world in general if we just spent more time doing things to make ourselves happy, rather than drawing happiness from making other people feel worse than ourselves. :)

I've got that PMA. 10 gil to anyone that can tell me where that line comes from with a Google search. :)

Anyway, so SC, MG, Despot, Water/Olla, Curtana and Diorite/Ulli make for a good set of pops for one day, and after TPing up for gods and waiting while another LS is on the island and their leader is apparently taking a shower leads to some interesting screenshots. Before I saw Rygar up in these bushes yesterday I didn't even know you could get up there. LOL I look pretty silly in all my HP gear. :) And this is the view you get from this position. I just thought this was one of those cool little quirks in the game, like running on the edge of the airship or running around in the ocean in Valkurm Dunes.

Anyway, after Sky we did another Apollyon run, netting a good chunk of coins, two RDM AF+1 pieces, BST, WAR and DRG. Omoi is going to kill me if I don't start upgrading some AF pieces soon, and since my SAM is incomplete (and I SWEAR I thought I had that Scarlet Odoshi for a long time and it is no where to be seen) I am going to upgrade something for NIN, probably feet, because I never use my feet now because carrying around 5 NIN items just doesn't work just to have the feet. Hands are an outside optional but they don't really work with the way I have my NIN xp macros set up. It would be a really nice piece though... /sigh. Anyway, while we were in Limbus, my secret plot to assassinate Glacian failed, and I was even poisoned so I couldn't be slept and I still couldn't through to him and he even countered me! *sob* After Dynamis, Hellzfury, Omoi and I leveled again. Another really good party, getting to 64 on WAR finally. If I get more parties like this I will be 75 faster than I thought I would be and with the Anniversary Ring now available... should be fun catching up to Glacian. :)


Hellzfury said...

Hmm... just loged on and on AIM.... and according to a friend looks like we can get to 75 a little bit sooner =o *wink wink, hint hint*

Ringthree said...

Hellz... you are weird!

Hellzfury said...

Hey I just spent like 2 hours making sure I didnt have spyware ; ;
and I was talking about anniversary ring Mr. spoon >.>

Thazienne said...

Gloc wouldn't of felt it anyway if you would of got through, I heard that Ninjas couldn't even break out of a wet paper bag.


Hellzfury said...

He has a point, after all, you must con pretty low for me to get so many anticipate frog ring =O