Friday, March 02, 2007

I dont trust people.

SE just announced today that they are eliminating world passes for all new characters, this is a good idea and could have been done a long time ago. SE also announced that they will enable server transfers. This is a really bad idea. Server transfers if too easy, allow people to ruin their reputation, cheat, steal and lie, then run to another server to do the same thing all over again. Maybe not everyone has had the experience of Feiwong, but he is the perfect example of why server transfers should not be allowed. Feiwong did enough damage with the simple systems for server selections that are currently available. He bought characters, he made new characters, now imagine if people could buy characters then just world shift them, now instead of at least knowing that person had a purchased account on your server, they can just appear the next day on another server. Free and clear of any stigma that goes along with purchasing accounts. Also, I can't see this being a very good situation regarding RMT, but I haven't even thought too deeply on that conundrum. Ultimately, my thought is to ask why anyone would need a world transfer? Did they sudden discover that after years of building of their character that they had a secret cache of real life friends huddled together on some far away server? That never happens. It is almost always one of two situations, either the player thinks that they can't find any friends on one server so they go with the "grass is always greener" thinking and tries on another server, or more insidiously a person will have burned all of their bridges on one server, screwed everyone they could screw, stolen everything they could steal, then server shifts to avoid the consequences. I don't care about the first group, but the second group should never be given the chance to run and hide, they should at least live with the consequences of their actions.

Here is a shot of our last LBC run: I don't know if we will be going for the win again the next time we go but I am thinking that we will get progressively farther toward the win until we finally work it out. I realized after the last run that we received no INT cells on the run, and if we get a few of those and also work out a new strategy we should be able to get it much further down, if not win. We need to use its limited range on its moves against it, and also the fact that it can lose hate if you run for long enough. So it looks like people need to be more self-reliant during the fight, let Omoi focus on just a few people, and have Izman come as Pld/Nin as the only person really trying to kite, while anyone else that has hate kites until Izman gets it back or they lose hate.

Oh, and I don't know what is up with Homing Missile but its not always a throat stab move.

In Limbus news, Versus won SE Apollyon. Pretty easy, and much better paced than our last run. I know I definitely got ahead of myself, and didn't explain everything as I should have having done the mission before while other members had not. We got a bunch of good AF drops and decent coinage and everyone was generally pleased with the outcome. Afterward we farmed some organs and had some fun with an Om'Yovra before we left to go merit some more. Salvage can be a bit tough on the XP so a bunch of people needed to recap their xp and I was already close to a merit, so after a quick late night run to Bhaflau Thickets we were all a little closer to cap or had gotten a merit or two.

And for the funny shot of the day, I found this poor lost RMT fishbot in the middle of the Meriphataud Mountains a couple of days ago. It looks so forlorn.
Oh and I was supposed to mention Malasia in this post so... Malasia. There, mentioned. :)


Anonymous said...

you were obviously wearing jelly ring and its considered magic dmg thats why it killed you =)

Ringthree said...

But it didn't kill me the other times it hit... so its not an exact amount, and 1443 is a whole lot of damage for something that is supposed to be a throat stab move. But it is an interesting observation, if homing missile is magic damage, I will not wear my Jelly Ring anymore.

Anonymous said...

it is magic damage, its only because the 5% was enough to kill you that it did. If you were on 5hp it wouldnt kill you because 5% of 5hp wont put you below 1hp =P

Ringthree said...

I was a full health when that happened, and I also took another, different homing missile and didn't die, with the same set up.

Anonymous said...

obviously the 5% was enough to kill you then :3