Friday, February 16, 2007

Pictures from Christmas past.

And here we are with some pictures finally. I actually don't have any pictures from yesterday, because it was just a bad xp party, Limbus with just some coins, then helping Hellz with Tenzen's Path, which was just a continuation from the previous night's "helping Hellz with Tenzen's path" which ended up just being "helping Hellz with Tenzen's path to wipe to three magic detecting mobs." At least last night the run was very smooth, we had previously tried to do it with WAR, WAR, MNK, THF, WHM, but a bad Snoll explosion and some other mishaps caused some mobs to respawn when we were fighting a Gargoyle, aggro, mass death, etc. As you can see, Hellz was not too pleased, so much so that his Snoll head exploded. It was a mess... Snoll brains everywhere, but of course Izman survived.

More pictures from the day before, Ailee's surcoat. It looks fantastic, and it is quite a statement of her dedication to the Obsidian dynamis LS. She has already gone on over 80 runs, and had to spend so many points to get this highly sort after item. So in two weeks her PLD went from pretty good to excellent. A Shadow Mantle and a Valor Surcoat are nothing to scoff at. It must have been the week of the Valor surcoat because Bg got his also. :) Now we just need a RDM hat, Gawayne has been waiting forever for his, and he, of all people, really deserves it.

Now here is the shot of me getting to 65 on my RNG. I would really like to get it to 75 at a much faster pace. Ailee's BRD is now 64 and Ice is now 64 on his THF, while Biblo is at 62 on his WAR. This would be an excellent party to start building, and hopefully we can get together to get to 75 pretty quickly. I would also like to grow into some of the end-game gear that I have waiting for me to clear up some of the space in my mog house. But I think I am getting repetitive on this point, I always have lot of jobs I need to level. :) Thats the way I like to play the game. So enough of the whining about that.

Here are the last three shots, and they are all from Salvage. The first is of the Gent that we killed at the end of one hallway on Zhaylom Remnants. We probably went too far down this hallway but we were still exploring.

Here is the Madame we fought, it was just a socket NM, but we probably should use this mob better because we need to move much more quickly through the first floor to get to the boss or the NM's that actually drop Salvage gear.

Finally here is the Archaic Rampart that we fought and defeated with 3 seconds left and weren't able to get the card for the NM. Guh, this stupid blogger hates anything that could be construed as a html command, so I just lost another part of my post because I made a squinty eyed face. How freaking stupid. This new blogger is super lame. Something went here about how we need to set some goals for Salvage and that we have most of our exploration out of the way. And that the Ares's Cuirass is actually pretty easy to get once we start killing LBC, which I believe should be our main goal right now. But that is just me.
Now, for the weekend, I am going to be doing a lot it looks like. Some Airship fights to help Illius and Hellzfury to get to Sea by Monday. On Monday, I will be going over some of the things that we hope to be expanding to do. Lets just say that attempting to play the game the way that it was intended may be a bit more difficult than it first appears, but for example the only area in the whole game where the developers intended more than an alliance to be able to defeat any monster (including, they claim, Absolute Virtue) is Dynamis. This is something that interests and intrigues me. And something I would like to test.

Also this weekend, I would like to get my RNG to at least low Mire xp levels, like 68-69. Once that happens, we can all hitch our wagons to our level 75 friends and leech some xp. I have the opposite opinion of most people when it comes to xp in general, luckily a lot of my friends agree. The prevailing opinion is that you need the more 1337 jobs and only a BRD before you start burning for XPz. This is ridiculous to me, because they would rather sit around for hours waiting for the perfect party rather than spending that time actually gaining xp. This is e-peenery at its worst. Most of my friends will xp with anyone at anytime, because some xp is better than sitting in Aht Urhgan for hours. It's very "nose dispite your face" to me.

I feel like I have more to say today, but I will leave it at this, and post more later if I come up with anything.


Hellzfury said...

I am a sexy beast, with snoll head and all.

Anonymous said...

Look at that really cool guy behind you Hellz... P.S. This is not Iz no way man totally not me