Friday, December 29, 2006

So what do we have here.

Nothing really constructive to point out but I have a bunch of screenshots, and I can go over them to entertain the masses.

Lets see, I had a really good party with Bgalvin, Borin, Charlet and two other people we picked up. Nin, Nin, Nin, Brd, Brd, Rdm. It was great we were getting to Chain 10 on trolls with regularity. Made like 30k xp in this party, which puts me at 7 merits, only two away from capped STR merits. The Rdm was complaining at the beginning of the party that we couldn't do enough damage for Trolls. LOL Yeah, they stopped complaining once we killed a Hilltroll Paladin for Chain 10. Dual Minuet and dual March was awesome <3.

Omoi, Aable, Gordor, Izman, Iceblazek and Thazienne all helped me to try to get a Selene's Bow. For the White Coney (can't say that without giggling like a schoolgirl) it was sleep nuking, while I stood around looking silly. Aable is the man at popping this thing, and I really appreciated everyone staying up late to try to get it for me on the first Full Moon, which didn't drop after about 5 hours of pops. So, after that fruitless attempt, we went back at New Moon to fight the Black Coney (more giggling) this was alot easier to deal with, no sleep nuking to avoid Wild Carrot, just a couple of shadows to deal with Whirl Claws.
Pretty quickly after we started popping the Black Coney (yeah, like 6-7 spawns >.<) the Selene's Bow finally dropped and I had the bow I would need for the rest of time on my Ranger. I figure with the Selene's Bow, an O Bow and a Hellfire, I will be completely set on Ranger.

More later.


Nivaud said...

what's up moneybags!

Omoikitte said...

You omit to mention it didn't drop till you left! To go out *grin*