Wednesday, December 20, 2006

2 Post in 1: Salvage: Thoughts, Info, Etc, and Regular Entry.

Yep, people are doing it, they are trying to infect everyone with their stupidity! "You have to have MNK's to beat Salvage" and "This is stupid, I can't live without my axes!" But finally, it looks like the tide is turning against the stupid, and people are realizing that this is a really good concept and that the Pathos are fun to overcome. It just took basically two days of trying Salvage to start to get an idea of how to do this.

Lets go over some stuff I have discovered myself and some stuff I have gleaned from other people.

1. Weapon unlocks to DD's first, but not MNK's or PUP first. MNK's and PUP's and even some other Hand-to-hand jobs are self-sufficient for the first floor. I would probably give weapons to NIN and Two-handed weapon users first, because they can do bigger damage without having their subjobs unlocked.

2. Magic unlock to WHM first, then BLM, then the rest. Healing prevents death and at most I can only think of two was to reraise before starting, Reraisers and scrolls of Reraise. So the faster you have healing and raises the better. BLM are also INCREDIBLY powerful against Flan's and there are a lot of those in the Bhaflau thickets area, so they should be next.

3. Find out which mobs have the best unlock items and kill them first. For Bhaflau that means killing the Scorpions at the end, then going back and clearing out the floor. This means everyone should bring sneak and invisible items. The important thing to remember is that each mob has certain drops, so killing the weapon and magic unlock mobs should be highest priority.

4. Each Remnant has two paths, that you pick at the very start room. Once you have picked a path you can't go the other way. So make sure you know which way you will want to go before having someone randomly going one way or the other.

Now for rampant speculation:

1. Drops look to be decent, but I have only basically seen the lowest level drops so far. This could be because people are having a harder time getting to the mobs that drop the better ones or that most people are going to Bhaflau thickets because it was the easiest to get to. And I don't know if anyone has beaten the boss yet, so we will see how that goes first. In general drops don't look too bad.

2. Remember there is a runic portal there so you will be able to take the Runic Portal to Alzadaal Undersea Ruins, then go to the appropriate Salvage zone. So lets try to spread out and do them all, so I can greedily suck up as much information as possible.

3. There is also a lot of weird stuff going on in this place. For example, people are finding NM's, or at least named mobs that appear to be different than other mobs. People have traded items to "sockets" and gotten NM's to spawn. There is even a report of a group taking an alternative teleport that took them to a room with a mini-boss that when they killed the were teleported back to the main area. This is all very interesting and needs to be confirmed.

4. The Archiac Gears are weird, as they will teleport away when aggroed. I dont know if this means that they go somewhere else, or if they have special aggro rules or if you have a very limited time to kill them. This remains to be seen.

Thats it for today on Salvage I will have more tomorrow.

Now to my regular blog entry:

I got home and everyone wanted to XP. So we headed out to Kuftal Tunnel and fought some crabs. I got to 55 here and finally got to test out Sidewinder on my RNG main. LOL Its just a joke, and poor Glacian had to put up with me doing it. He was not pleased. LOL I would have to hold onto a ton of TP and just trying to kill the mob or basically Sidewinder, Barrage, Sidewinder to kill it quick. We had started out with a DRG but they had to leave for work so we picked up a BST. Once three of us got to 55 we left and headed out to Wajaom Woodlands to fight Colibri, and man, the XP was awesome. Colibri are weak but annoying, and they don't like Sidewinder or Slugshot. LOL We had picked up a DRG for Omoi/Kira who would had to leave for the night, which was very nice to have another piercing weapon job, considering a Pentathrust and a Sidewinder would take 50% of a Colibri's health. We only stayed for a little while longer but I managed to easily get half way through 55, and I will probably get 57 on these mobs if the XP stays this good.

After the party, Gordor lent me a little money to pick up a few pieces of gear that I needed which included the Jaridah Bazubands which we only a slight upgrade over my Noct Gear, and a set of Jaridah Salvars which are a very nice upgrade over the Noct piece. I will be using these with my Bow, but I will probably stick with my AF legs for Crossbow for the boost in MND. Speaking of which I am seriously considering a MND set up for Holy Bolts. Haven't really looked into it that much and I don't know what the trade off's will be, but I am definitely going to take a peak.

I am posting this now, but I am going to do a quick analysis of the War/Pld/Drg/Drk set of Salvage gear in a little bit, if I have time.

And now for your daily moment of enjoyment: CRAB BATTLE!

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